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fire og cannabis seeds

Out of the entire OG Kush family, Fire OG marijuana seeds are said to be one of the strongest strains. This 70% indica hybrid is not recommended for inexperienced users due to its hard-hitting effects. But then again, even seasoned smokers find they only need one or two puffs to get the desired effect. Fire OG is not the strain you casually puff on throughout the day. It’s regarded as an intense medical strain that can help ease feelings of pain and inflammation, even the most extreme cases.

Fire OG is a hard-hitting medical indica-dominant hybrid that aids in insomnia, sleep loss, and chronic pain. One of two hits is all you need.

Fire OG is best consumed in the evenings or at night when your mind and body are truly ready to relax and let go of the day. This strain can easily melt away stress and anxiety, making it a great choice for consumers with high-stress levels, depression, and anxiety. It’s hard for your mind to focus on one thing in particular with Fire OG. Instead, this hybrid clears your mind and helps you forget about the instances that once made you mad, anxious, or irritated.


As a 70% indica, it’s no surprise that Fire OG marijuana seeds can also aid in insomnia and other related sleeping issues. If racing thoughts are what keep you up at night, Fire OG can help slow things down. Fire OG plants flower between nine and ten weeks and contain THC percentages in the high 20s. The CBD in this strain is also higher than average at around 0.35%.

You will also enjoy a mix of tantalizing flavors and scents like woody, sugary, and pine. Fire OG is so beautiful that you should consider giving her space in your garden.

Carlos Proctor – December 12, 2020

Tasty with a psychoactive buzz, Fire OG feminized strain is sure to capture your attention. It is an indica-dominant strain that will trigger creativity, motivation, and focus. You need Fire OG if you want an extra push to survive a busy day. It is also one of the most flavorful strains with sugar, spice, and woody flavors to enjoy.

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A Super- Awesome Hybrid

The high she induces is a quick, creative, and uplifting sensation that will make you more determined and motivated. Fire OG can help a lot if you need extra energy for a super busy day. With a few tokes, she will let you feel a sudden energy gush that leaves you stimulated and euphoric. It will slowly fade into a strong couchlock sensation that can make you feel hungry and sleepy.

I cultivated this sort of strain, and it gave me a great yield, unexpectedly. It’s solid, lightweight, and cushy. Great smoke. You may need to get some more!! This strain is really fine for u, if you want to start cultivating, this is a fantastic option, but buying this here in CropKing is the better choice!

Fire OG is a tasty, pungent indica-dominant cannabis. With 70% indica genetic composition, be sure you’re ready for her amazing psychoactive buzz. That means she is so potent, considering that she contains 16-21% THC. It’s all because she is the offspring of San Fernando Valley OG Kush and OG Kush. Her parents are legendary smokes, so you can expect Fire OG to be like them.