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female cannabis seed divot

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Seeing as you’ve got all those seeds sitting there in the bottom of your weed stash, why not put them to good use?
As you may have learnt in your biology lessons, seeds are where new plants grow from. So, why not make your own marijuana plants!
To do this, you need to do two things; firstly, check your local laws! In some places, marijuana might be legal to consume but not legal to grow your own.
Secondly, you need to germinate your seeds. Germination is the initial process in a seed’s life where you change it from a brown, hard shell into something that can actually make new life.
Germination is something that needs to happen to all plant seeds in some form or another, but it’s a bit harder with marijuana seeds, primarily because of their delicate temperature requirements, and partly due to the fact that the seeds you’re working with have likely been knocked around a bit.
The easiest way to germinate your seeds is to take a plate or some other kind of simple surface that has a divot within it and insert a wet paper towel onto it.
Then, place your cannabis seeds on the wet towel and cover with another plate, or plate-like object.
This process allows the seeds to soak up water and tricks them into thinking they’ve successfully planted themselves, so they should start waking up and turning themselves into plants.
The water on the paper towels engages protective enzymes within the seeds which encourage them to dissolve the outer layers, opening the seed and allowing the first stages of new life to begin.
Some people might just put the seed right into soil to begin with, but if you do that you’ll likely find your seed dead in a day or two.
Cannabis seeds need love and care to take hold and grow properly, so careful germination is a great step to ensure the plant succeeds.
This process can take around 10 days, with a few changes of paper towels throughout, but at the end you’ll find that your seeds have shed their brown layer and have opened up. Some might even have small shoots of green!
A few of your seeds – maybe a third of them – will likely be duds, but just throw those away and move on.
Once the seeds have germinated, you can now plant them! Put them in a small planting pot with lots of drainage. A good way to improve drainage is to put gravel in the very bottom of the pot.
Keep them watered every day until, eventually, they start showing leaves through the soil and begin reaching towards the sky!
Transfer them to a new pot then; make sure they get plenty of sun and the right temperature and, before you know it, you’ll have your very own marijuana!
The process of harvesting, drying and curing your cannabis is a bit convoluted, so make sure you’ve done your research into how best to make sure you turn your cannabis plants into smokeable marijuana!

One of the more popular ways to rid of seeds and stems is to smoke them — un-ground in many cases. One myth that has spurred from the smoking of these stems and seeds is that they will negatively affect your fertility. What? That’s right — some people believe that smoking stems in particular will lessen a male’s sperm count and damage a woman’s ovaries.

What Are the Seeds and Stems?

Marijuana stems and seeds are always considered the leftover, unwanted remains of any cannabis stash.
Doomed to rot away in a bin or, at the very best, become a part of some compost heap, the seeds and stems never get to fulfill their full potential.
You can make drinks from them, grow new plants from them, or even, if you’re of a crafty disposition, use them to help make clay or other arts and crafts projects!
As the old adage goes, “waste not want not”, so make sure you put those seeds and stems to good use!

We all know what it’s like to spend 60 bucks on a disappointing eighth of weed that’s way too stemm-y and chock full of seeds. While it’s not only a hassle to de-seed and de-stem the sub-par product, what you’re left with once your eighth is gone seems entirely useless — but somehow you convince yourself to save it all anyway.

This is probably one of the lesser known uses for leftover stems and seeds, but you could use them for arts and crafts projects!
In the same way that mankind uses small sticks or seeds as wattle to help make simple daub and wattle walls for homes, you can use this leftover detritus as a stabilizing ingredient in surfaces, or even in clay.
You’ll need to collect a pretty large amount of stems and seeds to really do anything with them, though.
If you’re after something more… practical to do with the small amounts of leftover seeds and stems, then consider…

Poor quality mediums can cause nutritional malfunction in your plant, unbalanced PH and unwanted pests. Planting in larger containers will reduce the need to transplant, which carries a risk of damaging plants.

This will depend on your patience, preference, and style. You can choose between Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid in regards to the effects of the strains. And then you can also choose between feminized seeds, regular seeds, or auto-flowering seeds. If you’re looking for the simplest and easiest to grow, then you should get the feminized auto-flowering seeds.

In the vegetative stage, your plants will increase in size and develop a framework that supports a fully-fledged flower. This is where the gender of your plant plays a role. Having male plants increases the chances of pollination of your plants, which can dilute your other female plants.

Planting and transplanting the babies

Once you’re confident of their sex, cull the male plants to open up room for the females to expand in size or to replace with new plants to maintain your plant count and garden yield.

As the plants go through their growth cycle, you’ll also need to monitor for pests and potential diseases. Overall, cleanliness and paying close attention will help.

Growing weed can be relatively simple. You just need cannabis seeds or clones, water, a mix of healthy and amended soil, plenty of sunlight and a green thumb. The tricky part is ensuring that you give the right amount of nutrients, light, water and loving attention to your plants.

When planting, you want to avoid the poor quality mediums to plant your cannabis seeds. There are three types of mediums from which to select, which are soil, coco and hydro.