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f5 cannabis seeds


Landrace varieties originate from regions where cannabis plants have been growing for a very long time in the wild—centuries, or even millennia. This naturally creates stable, robust genetics that produce a homogeneous offspring. This means that the landrace strains from a particular area will develop very similar growth patterns, appearance, and chemical composition. Hindu Kush or China Yunnan are examples of pure landrace strains.


Breeding cannabis is a complicated art that can be performed in plenty of ways. Here, we describe the common terms surrounding various cannabis genetics and how they came to be. We decided to keep it short and concise, as all the scientific minutiae can be very complex.

Poly-hybrids derive from mixing completely different hybrids with each other. For example, Master Kush and Durban Poison produce offspring called F1(A); AK-47 and White Widow produce an offspring called F1(B). When F1(A) and F1(B) have a lovechild, it will be coined as a poly-hybrid.

Our beloved marijuana strains are produced using several different breeding methods. Check out the terminology used to describe the unique genetics of different cannabis varieties.

A long selection and stabilization work done with Vetrus OG (OG Kush x Sour Diesel IBL) over 5 generations, aiming at fixing and enhancing this great cross best characteristics.

To avoid inbreeding problems, the best males and females were selected and open pollination was performed. The best Diesel phenotypes were selected for two generations, before being used by the breeder Professor Q as the original Vetrus OG male.

Vetrus OG F5: (OG Kush x Sour Diesel IBL) F4 x (OG Kush x Sour Diesel IBL) F4

The mother used is the Mendocino OG Kush elite clone, pollinated with a selected 2005 Sour Diesel IBL male coming from the same batch as the Sour Diesel “Riri cut”.

It is ready for harvest after about 8-9 weeks of flowering, offering a buds yield of up to 650g per m2 indoors, and that can even exceed 900g per plant cultivated outdoors in a large pot.

Leo Stone worked on this 2005 batch using 10 Rezdog Sour Diesel IBL seeds.

Frequently Asked Questions:

So do you breed for Recessive genes or dominate and what’s that mean for me?

Dominate and Recessive traits whats that mean?

Are there any instructions on how to grow your strains?

A- We breed for seeds to have the most stable and true outcome. We incorporate as many dominate genes as we can, to insure your breeding project will carry with it ,the traits you wanted to pass down to the next cross. We know that this will mean our strains might have more "knock offs" than the next guy, but like TreeTown says "You can can copy, but you can’t replace the original". For this reason we don’t release any strain crossed by itself from another bank other than landraces, and banks that are not releasing stock anymore.