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exodus cheese x blue head band cannabis seeds

Too much consumption of this hybrid can develop a lot of negative effects aside from the classic dry eyes, cottonmouth, and anxiety. Some users who are inclined to panic attacks, for instance, may begin to sense anxiousness and paranoia.

This well-balanced strain is sugary and covered with the fruity tang of berries, which escalates once the sprouts are grind into pieces. As vapors billow into the mouth, touches of cheese are noticed and accompanied by a garden-fresh and controlling the presence of earthy goodness. For its effects, users can anticipate a strong feeling because it has a great source of power that swiftly removes stress on its initial set by prompting euphoria. It as well clears the head and broadens concentration and enhances efficiency. At the peak of its mental high, the enormous encouragement can result in in-depth notions. If consumed together with friends, it may extract laughter. After a few minutes, this hybrid cannabis begins to deliver soothing feelings in the body. Aside from intense relaxation, it as well acts as a cornerstone to maintain the cerebral high solid. Mostly, it does not cause couch-lock to users.

Since this cannabis is mood-lifting ganja, it can be of great help in alleviating stress and having a rescue from everyday copious of life. Meanwhile, it has therapeutic values that can assist patients in handling with depression and PTSD. As long as the mind whirls with mental delight, this cannabis also provides comfort in the body. With the help of its THC levels, this can lessen or remove physical discomfitures due to arthritis, backaches, and PMS. Additionally, this palatable ganja can also prevent the urge to vomit. With that, it can be helpful for those who have lost their appetites as it can persuade hunger.

Negative Effects You can expect from Exodus Cheese x Blue Head Band

This well-balanced ganja is a palatable strain that only a few have able to enjoy. It is an infrequent hybrid strain that came from iconic cannabis with equal possessions that merit the awareness of the cannabis world. Besides, with the pollination of Exodus Cheese and Blue Headband, provides an offspring, which is eventually attainable as feminized seeds that have equal genotypes. However, its effects could lean towards the mental part.

Growing this cannabis inclines more on its Sativa, and compared with the other variations that display the same rate of cerebral encouragement, the 8 to 10 weeks flowering period of this cannabis is at a great value. Growing the plant of this ganja is comparatively easy. It has the robustness of an Indica and can accept any kind of climates. If grown indoors, it can as well accept less favored growing surroundings. These will not become the problems provided that trimming and pruning the bottom parts of the sideways growths are systematic. To increase its yield, the SCROG could be applied. It can as well prosper using the SOG method. Either techniques and adjoined by hydroponics are the optimal ways to boost their growth. For indoors, the anticipated yield of this strain is 450-grams/ m2. Outdoors, the yield could reach up to 800 grams per plant.

If you’re looking for the kind of marijuana strain that can both heal what ails you and bring on a serious case of relaxation, Headband – aka Sour Kush – is that strain. Born of popular and potent parents, this strain, which would have been right at home in the swinging 60s, provides long-lasting pain relief, relaxation, and kicks stress to the curb.

“Smooth and creamy”, Headband feminized marijuana seeds are complicated to grow but provide a high they say is like being wrapped in a fuzzy blanket. With 23% THC, it offers effects that benefit both medical patients and recreational tokers, though it will take a master level gardener to coax a harvest upwards of 600 grams out of each medium-sized plant.


Headband marijuana isn’t a strain for the novice gardener, these feminized seeds need a more care and attention than a beginner may be capable of providing. It does well both indoors and out, but it requires attention when it comes to humidity levels. After 60-70 days flowering, you will likely yield around 600 grams per plant.

Called a “smooth, creamy smoke”, Headband marijuana is an indica dominant strain with a complex flavor profile hinting at lemons and diesel. Wondering where the name comes from? Fans of this strain say it creates a slight pressure around the crown of the head that feels like you’re wearing a headband. This high is all in the head and with a THC content of 23%, Headband marijuana is easily one of the more potent – take your time with this one.

Wrap yourself in the warm fuzziness of one hell of a weed strain – order Headband feminized marijuana seeds now!