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emporer cookie dough cannabis seeds

Emperor Cookie Dough is a balanced hybrid. These are very sought-after strains because they offer both the best effects from both branches of the cannabis tree. The potency of this strain is very high, leading some users to feel a little overwhelmed after smoking this strain. Read below for our tips on what to do if you start to feel the strain take over. Emperor Cookie Dough buds have a great tight, spherical shape. This makes it a perfect strain to grind up and stick inside your flower vaporizer .

As mentioned previously, this is one of the strongest marijuana strains on the market. As such, it’s 100% not the best option for beginner stoners. The average Sativa-dominant hybrid contains around 13% THC. The average Emperor Cookie Dough strain has about 35% THC. However, the absolute strongest phenotypes of this strain contain around 41% THC. This is enough to blow anyone’s head off, so please be careful. This is literally the definition of a one-hitter strain. Once you take one hit you’ll feel too stoned to have another one. You’ve been warned!

Emperor Cookie Dough strain: Indica or Sativa?

Emperor Cookie Dough inherits much of its taste profile from its Girl Scout Cookie parent. This makes it an incredibly tasty strain. As such, it’s not worth adulterating this strain with tobacco or papers. Your best bet is to either bong this strain or if you want to have the best taste possible, put it inside your trusted flower vaporizer. If you grind the buds up first, you’ll allow the best taste possible to shine through. You won’t regret smoking it this way. The full taste profile of Emperor Cookie Dough is:

This strain is also sometimes called Imperial Cookies, Cookie Dough Cannabis strain, or Cookie Dough Weed.

  • Using already vaped bud (recycle what’s in your flower vaporizer!)
  • Using decarboxylated flower to make them

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Emperor Cookie Dough reviews

One of my favorites. Felt happy, relaxed and still got things done. I have complex PTSD and it really helps my mood.

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Is it good to know what the flavor of Emperor Cookie Dough is before you buy Emperor Cookie Dough seeds online. It said Emperor Cookie Dough tastes mostly like:

Absolutely amazing, definitely couch lock but I still went to work,,lol