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elite genetics cannabis seeds

Furthermore Elite Seeds is the first seed bank to develop strains with pretty much only CBD (Solodiol photoperiod and autos), a strain with high THCV and THC only (Novarine), one with only CBDV and CBD (Sedativa) and finally a strain with near equal ratios of THCV, THC, CBDV and CBD (Quatrovarin). With these exciting developments its medical marijuana programme is second to none.

High-THC strains include La Rica THC, Llimonet Haze THC, Mota Khan Afghani and Banana Joint. CBD-rich strains include Llimonet Classical CBD, La Rica CBD Auto, Llimonet Haze CBD Auto and Amnesia Ultra CBD.

Elite Seeds was founded in 2007 by a team of Spanish university graduates qualified in such subjects as plant genetics and breeding, agricultural science and biotechnology. With its own laboratory in the University of Valencia Science Park Elite Seeds is ideally positioned to pursue its particular interest to breed strains of cannabis that emphasise certain cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, THCV and CBDV which all have specific medicinal properties.

The scientific methods employed are underpinned by the founders’ long-held dedication to cannabis especially with respect to cultivation, having opened Valencia’s very first grow-shop, Kanopia, in 1999. The knowledge and understanding of its founders has resulted in the ability to create strains with specific cannabinoid profiles, some with high-THC for a potent psycho-active effect, high-CBD low-THC strains with no such effect or those with a balance of each to deliver a more calm and lucid effect.

All Elite Seeds come packed in attractive, collectable key-chain tins with various designs which are perfect for transporting and for storage as well as making excellent stash tins.

We are glad to present Dark Rose Auto CBD by Elite Seeds, the Purplediol Auto CBD version with a THC:CBD 1:1 ratio. This variety is now available in our feminised cannabis seeds catalogue at Dark Rose Auto CBD, THC:CBD 1:1 ratio [. ]

Mota Khan Afghana was born in the area of Mazar-i Sharif. This exceptional Afghani indica marijuana is very tasty. Spiced with a touch of liquor. The smoke from combustion leaves a distinctive trail, white, dense and heavy as the best hash does. Mo [. ]

Dark Rose Auto CBD – Elite Seeds

Alchimia Grow Shop is pleased to present Sologerol CBG Auto by Elite Seeds, an AutoFem strain with high CBG levels and THC-free. Sologerol CBG Auto, cannabigerol rich and THC-free Sologerol CBG Auto is a 60/40 Sativa Indica hybrid with a secret lin [. ]

Elite Seeds have used innovative techniques like in vitro culture, and has been testing different ways to reverse the sex of female plants. Potency, disease resistance or flavor are some of the main objectives for these breeders, who have been awarded at major events like Cannabis Champions Cup or High Life Cup.

Early Widow, from the Spanish seedbank Elite Seeds, comes from a selection made in 2002 among 40 females, looking for the most potent individual. It is a hybrid between Speed Skunk and the renowned White Widow marijuana grows short and compact, deve [. ]

Here is what I think. This is a chance for you to help out your girlfriend or her family. I don’t think it is any longer a matter of how much the seeds would be worth if you bought them right now from the breeders, but rather how much you can afford and their viability (i.e. how they were stored). Well, you could take into consideration how much they are worth, and if you can’t pay it all at once maybe work out an installment plan. But what matters most is for you to feel good about what you are doing, in all terms. Think to yourself what these seeds are worth, how much you can afford and are willing to pay (and feel good about it), and get some of those beans germ tested!

PS: All the Pre-98 Bubba S1’S and crosses me and my friends grew from Elite were some of the best buds me and my friends grew out of 100’s of packs of different varieties from all sorts of top-notch, well-known breeders. Also grew some Ult chem 1991, and the green pheno is pretty bomb, although it did throw out a few male flowers in the first 2 weeks of flower, not too many, mostly on lower parts of the plants, which were picked off and no seeds were found. I did find a couple of opened and dried male flowers in the buds but no seeds. maybe stelile polen. Never grew any of elite’s sfv and chem crosses.