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elemnets needed for cannabis seeds to germinate

Cannabis seeds need four things in order to germinate: moisture, warmth, darkness, and time. To ensure you grow healthy seedlings, germinate your seeds using one of the following techniques.

• Pot size


Alternatively, use the RQS Autoflowering or Feminized Starter Kits to provide your seeds with the perfect conditions from the get-go. This kit contains starter pots filled with perlite and beneficial bacteria, as well as a propagator and lights to breathe life into your seeds. carla

As we mentioned earlier, a good rule of thumb is to transplant seedlings when their leaves fully cover the circumference of their container. After about one week, try checking on your seedlings’ roots. If you can completely remove a seedling and all its soil, it is ready to transplant.

Simply drop your seeds into a glass of water and let them sit in a cupboard for 24–48 hours at 20–25°C. Once you see the first signs of taproots sprouting from your seeds, they’re ready to plant. If your seeds don’t germinate after 48 hours in water, switch to the paper towel method. Don’t keep the seeds submerged for more than 48 hours or they’ll rot.

They can be easier to maintain;

Take two paper towels and place them on a plate. Then place the cannabis seeds at least an inch apart and cover them with the remaining two sheets of paper towels soaked in water.

Higher yields, since no plant will need to be discarded;

Feminized seeds

Feminized seeds do not have the male chromosome, so they eliminate the possibility of plants expressing themselves as male. In this case, all the seeds you plant will produce beautiful flowers. This process reduces the step of having to sex the plants and discard the males. It is worth remembering that this also reduces the risk of a male infiltrating your harvest, or that, as you are just starting out, you do not know how to differentiate a female from a male even when the balls appear.

Negative points of feminized seeds:

Used for crosses, as they allow genetic variability;

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