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eating raw cannabis seeds

All aboard the cannabis health train! Now the next step – what’s the best way to eat them?

So whether you’re planning to eat marijuana seeds or hemp seeds, go right ahead and indulge – enjoy the health benefits and the creamy, oily taste – but they will not get you high, there’s no two ways about it. The only way for you to enjoy a high is if you sow the seed and let the plant mature – because then, you’ll get those wonderful THC levels that do get you high.

Marijuana seeds can also help excrete toxins out of the body faster while also improving the immune system. As far as we know, there have been no side effects of consuming raw cannabis seeds, and to quickly reiterate: there’s no high to be found, sorry!

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Many health experts claim that hemp seeds contain the most omega fatty acid content among all plant seeds, even more so than flaxseed, walnuts and Chia seeds.

When you take just some of the benefits into consideration, it’s easy to understand why consuming cannabis seeds on a regular basis can be an excellent way to prevent certain diseases, and promote whole body wellness as well as general health.

And just to reiterate, marijuana seeds happen to be one of the only few plant based foods that contain a rich amino acid profile – that’s every single amino acid required for survival. Perhaps this is why many leading growers and cultivators have described the cannabis/hemp seed as the most nutritionally well-rounded food source ever.

In fact, based on their cardiovascular benefits alone, cannabis seeds have been shown to cut down the risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s and a few other psychological conditions. Therefore, marijuana seeds can not only promote physical but also mental wellbeing.

Do you know what happens if you eat raw marijuana? This is perhaps a little-known topic because not many people get to know more about its nutritional perspective. The body’s endocannabinoid system can take advantage of its properties when ingested in its natural form; in addition, the brain system is activated when natural weed is consumed.

As you have seen the benefits of eating weed naturally are quite a lot, it is a very complete plant that contributes a lot to our health. However, we have to be careful because like any other food we usually eat, we have to take certain precautions.

✨ Eating marijuana helps you improve your health

-Hemp seeds and oil. These small ones have a great amount of nutrients, they contribute enzymes, vitamins, proteins and fatty acids, in addition almost do not have sugar. When you take them in seed form they can be the perfect complement to dishes such as your salads. Oil can also be an interesting dressing.

An important matter to take into account with the benefits of raw marijuana is the consumption of cannabidolic acid (CBD-A) and tetrahydrocannabonolic acid, providing their nutrients, leaving out components such as THC or CBD, which are activated with heat. The flavonoids are another of the molecules found in natural cannabis, in fact it is responsible for providing antioxidants, which greatly benefits our health.

You may think that all you can do is put the leaf in your mouth and that’s it, but no, you can prepare delicious and fun dishes instead: