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early version cannabis seeds

Winner of more than 20 awards worldwide. Which is due to its special and unmistakable flavor! She also offers a very high return for extraction along with her high psychotropic and therapeutic result.

Unknown Kush Early Version, maintains the properties of her feminized version, but with a shorter flowering period. She is a feminized and photodependent seed, but with a shorter ripening cycle.

Given its high THC content, it is very appropriate for the treatment of chronic pain, as well as for personal enjoyment and delight. A gift for your senses, which will not leave any of its users indifferent.

Unknown Kush Early Version Cannabis Seeds from Delicious Seeds

Its flavor is a complex and tasty mixture of nuances, with a very pleasant sensation. When tasting it, she is VERY different from other hybrids with predominance kush. From its flowers emanate aromas of haze and kush, but at the same time in the mouth they become very nuances complex, with a sweet, metallic incense and finishing of with citrus flavors.

She is a very easy plant to grow. Quite resistant to fungi and pests, which can cover a very wide range of latitudes and temperatures. Making it a very good option regardless of where it is grown.

Unknown kush early version is a 50% Indica/Sativa hybrid. With a high THC content, and an abundant production of trichomes that flood the plant in bloom. These trichomes cover it completely providing a very unique smell that the unknown kush is known for.

Unknown Kush Early Version produces a very pleasant, narcotic and stimulating effect. Which will have you feeling very comfortable and relaxed. Your senses will have a very satisfying sense of peace. She is so strong that uses have included as an analgesic or a therapy for sleep disorders.

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Marmalate Early Version is a feminized cannabis variety with about 21% THC. While this amount is relatively high, bouts of paranoia with this strain are fairly rare (so long as you control your intake amount, of course). Instead, you’re likely to feel pleasant cerebral stimulation followed by a medium body high. With its 70% Indica/30% Sativa profile, this strain’s effects are much more in line with other Indica varieties.

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Marmalate Early Version: Beautiful Blue Buds And Big Yields

Marmalate is a feminized cannabis strain from Delicious Seeds that combines the looks of a Sativa variety with the effects of an Indica. Despite its high THC content, effects from Marmalate Early Version tend to be very pleasant, with psychoactive effects that are fairly mild. With its sweet taste and intense aromas, Marmalate Early Version is a relaxing strain that can be enjoyed any time or day of the week.

Marmalate Early Version has a very strong and sweet aroma, which you can taste when inhaling the smoke. Packed with trichomes, the most common flavor you’re likely to detect is of lollipops and grapes. This sweetness is highlighted by hints of vanilla, while notes of pine just underneath add a pleasant bit of complexity to its flavor profile.

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Marmalate Early Version is a refreshingly easy feminized cannabis strain to grow and is suitable for almost any grow medium, both indoors and outdoors. Marmalate Early Version is ready for harvest in early September if grown outdoors or after 45 days indoors.