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early skunkxrosetta stone cannabis seeds

Not only has Early Skuk shortened its flowering period, no, it has given this extremely resinous strain even more resin production. We recommend this strain, as well as our Gorilla Glue or our Blue Dream for concentrate extraction.

Indoor you can expect yields of 450 – 550 grams / m2. Outside, 500 grams / plant is the norm.

Skunky Rosetta Stone is a super potent, wonderfully sweet, fruity-scented, perfectly balanced Sativa / Indica hybrid.

New to the program, the Skunky Rosetta Stone. We crossed our Early Skunk with a hand-picked Rosetta Stone clone and the result speaks for itself.

The effect of Skunky Rosetta Stone is a balance between “head high” and “body stoned”.

Early Skunk x Rosetta Stone is an Indica dominant strain and is known to be a perfect plant for growing. We will obtain great yield and fast flowering.

It is a plant resistant to diseases, pests, and mold, and its lateral arms are strong enough to carry its smaller tails.


This magnificent fusion creates a variety that delights both smokers and growers.

Early Skunk x Rosetta Stone is an Indica dominant strain and is known to be a perfect plant for growing. We will obtain great yield.

Being in the middle of nature is like smoking Early Skunk x Rosetta Stone, it will transmit you earthy, moist, and fresh flavors accompanied by the essence of pine.

Growing Early Skunk x Rosetta Stone Fem won’t be too challenging for cultivators with some experience with finicky cannabis plants. Under the care of intermediate and expert-level growers, the strain provides medium-heavy yields of shimmering flowers with up to 20% THC load indoors and out.

The central cola of Early Skunk x Rosetta Stone Fem can ripen to a monstrous bulk and may require some support like string and stakes. However, its secondary flower clusters typically don’t need any help, thanks to the plant’s sturdy limbs, which can carry significant weight.


Early Skunk x Rosetta Stone Fem is a small- to medium-sized cannabis plant, only reaching a height of 60 to 150 cm (1.9 to 4.9 ft). With its Indica-dominant growth patterns, growers can expect the hybrid to be bushy. Its foliage needs trimming to prevent moisture buildup, as well as to let enough light and air movement in the lower portion of the plant. This will help the female marijuana fend off common cannabis gardening problems like bud rot, pests, or pathogens.

Early Skunk x Rosetta Stone Fem is an Indica-leaning cannabis strain known for dense, potent buds. It was created by combining the Early Skunk with Rosetta Stone, resulting in a stunning marijuana hybrid that delivers potent mind and body effects. It hits the palate with woody and pine-like flavors before quickly relaxing users from head to foot, leaving them mellow, lazy, and, eventually, sleepy. In addition, the bud can be used to relieve stress, depression, chronic pain, and insomnia.

Because this is a feminized variant, growers can easily avoid rogue males from pollinating your females. Just make sure to promptly address and correct any garden problems, as prolonged stress can have your plant throwing hermie balls.