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early skunkxn.l. cannabis seeds

While capable of relieving several maladies, Early Skunk Fem is not free of adverse effects. Your eyes and mouth may feel as arid as a desert, but the dry sensations can be avoided or diminished by drinking lots of fluids and avoiding drinks that dehydrate like coffee, tea, alcohol, and soda. You can also use OTC eye drops to lubricate and reduce the weed eyes effects.

Psychologically, Early Skunk Fem’s euphoric effect and potent anxiolytic properties relieve stress, depression, and anxiety. On the other hand, its ability to improve mental focus, along with its calming influence, help people with ADHD and ADD. Patients struggling with chronic pain due to ailments such as arthritis, migraine, headache, and muscle spasms can also rely on the bud’s analgesic and anti-inflammatory features.

Early Skunk Fem is a hybrid of the infamous Skunk #1 with Early Pearl. Despite its Indica-leaning genetics (65% Indica / 35 Sativa), the budchild carries daytime effects best enjoyed on lazy afternoons — when you have free time to take it easy and get buzzed up. The high is euphoric, marked by relaxing yet sociable tendencies, making it an excellent flower for group sessions, lights social settings, or hitting the outdoors for a short hike. Additionally, the strain gets your creative juices flowing while improving focus. You’ll feel ambitious and may want to start creating works of art. Relief from chronic pain, stress, and depression are also to be expected.

Medical Application

Cultivators must plan where to grow Early Skunk Fem, as it matures tall and requires a space that can accommodate its height. Cannabis plants double or even triple in size during the flowering phase, so consider that when deciding how long to veg. The pot size also determines how small or large your plant grows. If a tall one is not desired, we recommend performing stretch-limiting training techniques, too, as an added measure.

The buds of Early Skunk Fem has a THC range swinging between 15% to 22%. It boasts a sweet smell and taste accented by minor hints of fresh rose, tree fruit, and peppery spices. The cannabis plant can be grown indoors and out and is expected to grow tall.

Early Skunk Fem is not only THC-rich but also abundant in Caryophyllene, Ocimene, and Terpinolene. The combination of cannabinoid and terpenes make this an excellent medicinal strain with several therapeutic applications.

Early Skunk Fem works its magic promptly after the first hit. It strikes straight right to the head, initially delivering a slight pressure around the temples and possibly flushing in the cheeks. As the odd sensations die down, users are granted access to a higher cerebral stratum. You’ll notice ideas bobsled into your mind in free association and form unexpected new connections while your ability to focus also become sharper.

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Early Skunk feminized seeds developed by Sensi Seeds, the leader in Skunk production, grow into the Cannabis Cup winning strain that gives impressive, extra-large yields and provides an intense flavor of citrus fruits, coupled with an earthy sandalwood shine.

Early Skunk – Indoor Grover’s Favorite

The Early Skunk feminized strain is a cross breed between Skunk #1 and Early Pearl that brought Sensi Seeds to the next level of breeding expertise. This easy-to-grow variety surprised everyone with a short flowering period and a classic Skunk taste and flavor. Suited to both indoors and outdoors, it produces humongous yields.

The Early Skunk feminized seeds will develop all female medium-sized plants indoors, with large thick buds packed full of resin. For this reason, a lot of growers use this plant for extraction purposes. Indoors you can expect the plant to take over your growing area, developing a strong structure with sturdy branches to go with it. Using a growing bulb flipped to 12h of grow time per day on your timer when flowering starts, you can expect a super high yield per square meter of growing. Outdoors it displays moisture-resistant properties, making it ideal for growing in cold and rough climates. You can expect a super heavy yield per plant from this monstrous strain.

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The plants grow well outdoors, in either large pots or free soil. Thanks to its 35% sativa content, Early Skunk can grow to impressive heights by the time its flowering period is over. This generally happens at around seven to nine weeks; it’s not uncommon for plants to triple in size, especially during the last few weeks.

Early Skunk is a cannabis strain that combines the characteristics of two high-performing varieties. It offers the robust yields of Skunk #1 with Early Pearl’s resilience in outdoor growing conditions. This sativa/indica hybrid can be cultivated in a variety of different outdoor areas. It thrives in gardens, but is equally suited to any outdoor spot that benefits from direct sunlight.

The generous size of the plants, combined with the expansive branches, results in a large harvest. It’s easy for the top colas to reach over 30 cm. Expect the buds to be large and dense too.

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While other strains with similar buds have issues with rot and mould, Early Skunk is highly resilient, even in cold, wet climates. This is due to the hybridisation of Skunk #1 with Early Pearl, resulting in a robust, mould-resistant end-product. This makes it an excellent choice for growers who want to cultivate their cannabis plants in colder, damper climates.

Effect, taste, and smell of Early Skunk Regular

Sensi Seeds’ Early Skunk Regular cannabis seeds are mainly indica, and they display many of the classic features of this type of plant. Growers can expect to see resin-coated flowers, and sizeable yields. Early Skunk requires a level of know-how when cultivating. Experienced growers can achieve good results with supercropping and training, as long as they start early in the vegetation process.

Growth pattern of Early Skunk Regular