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dwarf cannabis seeds canada

By combining potent Skunk genetics with a ruderalis variety, the hardiest, most compact strain known as Royal Dwarf churns out impressive yields for a plant of its stature. Reaching only 40–60cm in height, this feminized autoflowering variety isn’t only fast-flowering and the ideal size for a discreet guerilla grow, her intense aroma will remind you of the potency contained within her buds.

By the end of the flowering phase, resin-covered flowers will impress the cultivator who didn’t believe autoflowering strains could really deliver. Royal Dwarf produces decent yields of up to 80g/plant outside, and up to a very respectable 200g/m² under ideal indoor conditions.

Fast, Compact, and Efficient

Who needs a bonsai plant when you can crop a miniature cannabis tree that will have you surfing the cosmos? The plant’s tight buds and resistant nature are further heightened by its brief life cycle, which completes in 9–10 weeks from seed to harvest.

Being a indica-dominant cultivar, Royal Dwarf encourages social, uplifting highs; yet the experience is rounded out with a relaxing, soothing effect that brings out the best from the Skunk genetics. You can’t grow wrong with a low-profile strain that has been hybridised to perfection by the expert team at Royal Queen Seeds. Start your cultivation exploration today and find out all there is to know about Royal Dwarf!

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One of the best dwarf strains available now is the Dwarf Low Flyer which is a short cannabis plant that is easy to grow.

Dwarf Low Flyer Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

All in all, this strain is ideal for those who are growing in discreet locations. For example, if you are growing on your deck, there is no need to worry since these plants do not grow big, and do not call attention to themselves. These plants may not necessarily be the highest yielding, but they can finish in a short period of time. It is an ideal strain for beginners, or for daytime use.

Dwarf seeds are varieties that are smaller than what is normal for their species. They are small because they tend to produce lower levels of specific hormones, which are generally regarded as growth factors or growth substance for marijuana seeds, due to the role that they play in their development.

As you may have already guessed with its name, dwarf seeds grow into plants that do not grow tall. There are a number of benefits to growing these plants. What are some of the best dwarf seeds out there? Let’s take a look.