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The ABC made ripples in growing circles when it first appeared around a decade ago, but despite initial promise with breeding programs, it appears that no strains have been made commercially available. The challenge for breeders is that the characteristic leaf shape was found to be highly recessive, and therefore hard to pass on to its progeny. The hardiness and cold tolerance of the ABC was, however, evident in the crosses.

Typically, flower sites on cannabis plants occur at the nodes, at the same point that the petioles (stalks of leaves) originate from. However, a relatively common mutation can cause buds to form at the other end of the petiole, at the base of the leaves themselves. This is sometimes called a piggyback mutation.

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Gene and chromosome mutations occur naturally, generally at a low frequency. Higher rates of mutation occur when the DNA is damaged by a mutagenic agent such as a chemical, like colchicine, caffeine or mustard gas, or by UV, X-ray or gamma ray radiation.

Diseases, pest infestations, poor environment and deficiencies can all make cannabis plants look a bit weird. But this article is all about DNA mutations, which can give rise to even stranger looking plants!

Purple cannabis gets its colour from anthocyanins, a type of flavonoid that is found in all parts of the plant: leaves, flowers, fruits, stems, and even roots.
However, Anthocyanins are not produced throughout the lifetime of the plant, and it is only during the last few weeks of flowering that they begin to alter its appearance. The absence of chlorophyll in the final stages allows the pigments to show through even more distinctly and the plant can often express vivid purple, blue and red hues. They may also express in cold conditions.

Broad Leaf Black from True Canna Genetics is a classic Indica strain of marijuana that has been developed for the true connoisseurs.

Derived from a cross of the beautiful Black Domina and SFV/Chem varieties, Broad Leaf Black has a well-considered lineage which is sure to appeal to Indica lovers.

When grown out in True Canna's legal test environment, Broad Leaf Black grew strong and vigorous thanks to the SFV in the lineage. Plants are prolific and branchy and respond very well to topping. Broad Leaf Black delivers large yields of dense buds which cover the plants from top to bottom. With excellent trichome coverage, Broad Leaf Black is one impressive looking strain when in full bloom. Flavours are classic kush and fruity in nature, yet backed with unusual musky notes that remind you of the Chem in the breeding.