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Although plenty of people enjoy the intoxicating effects of THC and who embrace legal cannabis consumption, an increasing number of individuals are also interested in strains that contain higher levels of CBD. But are different CBD strains a real thing? The short answer: Yes. CBD-dominant strains of marijuana are relat There are three main types of CBD products that are currently being manufactured. These are Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Isolates. Learn the differences and which type of CBD is a best fit for you.

Does CBD Come In Different Strains?

Although plenty of people enjoy the intoxicating effects of THC and who embrace legal cannabis consumption, an increasing number of individuals are also interested in strains that contain higher levels of CBD.

But are different CBD strains a real thing?

The short answer: Yes.

CBD-dominant strains of marijuana are relatively new to the industry as a whole. The demand for CBD products has exponentially increased over the past decade. Cannabis cultivators have taken notice, and began to create CBD-dominant marijuana strains that are becoming increasingly popular in this ever-evolving industry.

What Are High-CBD Strains?

THC and CBD are the two most abundant cannabinoids found in cannabis. Generally, cannabis strains are bred for their high-THC profiles that offer the high that marijuana is famous for. Not everyone who consumes cannabis, however, is a fan of the often-intense psychoactivity associated with THC.

CBD-dominant strains have been created to contain a higher percentage of CBD than THC. Strains high in CBD usually provide the benefits of cannabis without the strong psychoactive effects THC is known for.

CBD/THC Ratios: What You Need to Know

CBD/THC ratios can be confusing. Following is an explanation of what to expect when experimenting with these strains. Note that everyone is different when it comes to the way cannabis affects them. Those with zero tolerance to marijuana may experience cerebral effects, even when THC percentages are very low.

  • 18:1 —This is a high CBD, low THC ratio. This choice of a CBD strain won’t typically offer much intoxication, making it great for people who have never consumed cannabis before.
  • 8:1 — This is another high CBD, low THC ratio. It is also a good choice for those new to cannabis who are unsure of how they tolerate THC. It is rarely considered intoxicating.
  • 4:1 — This is considered a high CBD, medium THC ratio. While it still contains more CBD than THC, it is best for those who have some experience with THC as it could cause mild to moderate intoxicating effects, depending on the individual.
  • 1:1 — This is considered a balanced CBD to THC ratio. A 1:1 ratio is best used by individuals who know they can tolerate THC and have some experience with it. It is known to be intoxicating in moderate doses, something that should be considered if interested in experimenting with these different strains of CBD.

The higher the percentage of CBD, the less likely you are to get high from the THC content a CBD strain contains.

If you’re a THC novice, it’s suggested that you start with strains that contain a higher CBD/THC ratio and experiment until you find what works best for you. Your best bet is to speak directly to a budtender at your local dispensary to see what options might be best for you.

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CBD Strains: Hemp vs. Marijuana

Just a decade ago, there were only a few people who were passionate about CBD. Today it’s trendy. Not only are there countless CBD companies to choose from, but CBD oil is sold basially everywhere. From high-end Hollywood boutiques to Texas truck stops to everywhere in between, CBD has officially gone mainstream.

Marijuana strains that have a high CBD content, however, are a bit different from the CBD oil that’s available virtually everywhere. They’re both sourced from cannabis. However, one is sourced from hemp and the other from marijuana.

CBD from Hemp

The CBD that’s widely available is sourced from hemp and is required to contain less than 0.3% THC. This is the CBD you’ll find online and at different retailers across the nation. At Joy Organics, all of our CBD is derived from hemp and has had any trace amounts of THC scrubbed from our products. While some enjoy having THC in their CBD products, a large number of people prefer a product without any at all.

CBD from Marijuana

Although marijuana is typically prized for the THC it contains, there are strains that are bred specifically to contain more CBD than THC. These CBD strains are only permitted in states that have passed recreational and/or medical cannabis laws.

Different CBD Strains: Just the Beginning

The world of cannabis is one that is rapidly changing with every year that comes and goes. Less than ten years ago, CBD was largely unheard of. Today, it has become a household name. With the legalization of recreational and medical cannabis in some states, the stigma surrounding marijuana is slowly dissipating.

While different CBD strains are fairly new to the cannabis scene, it’s likely only a matter of time before we see more breeders turn to the cultivation of CBD-specific strains. We imagine there will come a time when CBD strains are just as popular as THC strains, and our cannabis experience can be more customized to fit our specific, personal wants and needs.

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Joy Smith is Joy Organics Co-founder and visionary. After her own life-changing experience with CBD, Joy started Joy Organics to create a line of sustainable and premium CBD products consumers could trust. Before founding Joy Organics, Joy worked as an itinerant speaker, traveling to over four continents to empower women across the globe.

What are the different Types of CBD

You keep hearing about CBD oil and it seems everyone you know is telling you ways their favorite CBD products have given them some type of pain relief. It can be overwhelming when looking to buy CBD oil with so many different types of products on the market.

What is CBD oil? How does it work on such a wide variety of problems; from mental, to physical and internal to external? Does it have you wondering what’s the best type of CBD for you to take with so many available options? Let’s take a deeper look into the different types of CBD and how to choose the best option for you!

There are three main types of CBD products that are currently being manufactured. These forms of CBD are Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Isolates. Below is a breakdown of each one.

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The Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana

For the purpose of this blog we are referring to the cannabis sativa L plant, better known as “industrial hemp” or just “hemp”. The main difference between this plant and its more well-known Cannabis cousin (marijuana) is the percentage of THC. THC is the cannabinoid that is responsible for the psychotropic effects most associated with Cannabis.

The law dictates that a cannabis plant containing less that 0.3% THC is considered “hemp” and therefore federally legal to grow. Anything over that percentage is classified as Marijuana. Marijuana is bred to have high levels of THC and low levels of CBD while Hemp is bred to have very low THC levels but high CBD levels. This is what makes it the best source for extraction of your CBD supplements.

Full Spectrum

A Full Spectrum CBD oil product is derived from the whole hemp plant matter. That means taking the roots, stems, flowers and leaves and pressing, pulverizing, or power washing them to extract the oils from the plant. This will leave us with a full spectrum of cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN, THC, etc.), terpenes (limonene, myrcene, etc.) and phytochemicals such as chlorophyll and other organic plant matter. The resulting oil will have a strong “hempy” taste and be dark in color. It will also contain 0.3% or less THC.

As briefly mentioned above, other commonly found cannabinoids are CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDV, and upwards of 200 or more all currently being studied for their own unique benefits. All of these cannabinoids including THC work symbiotically together to create an “entourage effect”. This entourage effect suggests that when all of the cannabinoids are present, they work best together. A full spectrum CBD product is going to cast the widest net when it comes to balancing out our endocannabinoid system.

One aspect that is currently being studied is if THC’s ability to “unlock” cannabinoid receptors allows its counterparts (CBD, CBG, CBN, etc.) to more efficiently balance out the Endocannabinoid System. Some within the industry will argue you have to have the THC to receive the benefits of CBD. This is flat untrue and mostly used as a common sales tactic. In reality, you can read a plethora of scientific articles that debunk this claim. A good analogy of the difference is to say THC is like a good stretch before going on a walk. It may give you a little better range of motion and allow you to go a bit farther during your exercise, but it isn’t to say that there are no health benefits if you go for a walk without stretching first.


Broad Spectrum

A broad spectrum CBD product is created from the same process as the full spectrum CBD product by taking the roots, stems, flowers, and leaves. The difference is, after the extraction process, the THC compound is isolated and removed entirely. This still leaves us with a great range of cannabinoids beyond CBD. Many people find themselves in a situation where they cannot have any THC in their system, so broad spectrum products are becoming the most valued form of CBD. A true broad spectrum will have no trace amounts of THC but will give you an otherwise full cannabinoid profile which will include CBD, CBG, CBN, CBDV, and other potential cannabinoids, allowing you to maintain the “entourage effect”. For many people looking to get the health benefits without the concern of the psychotropic component of the plant, broad spectrum CBD products are the most effective choice.

Another reason why someone might want to choose a broad-spectrum hemp extract would be due to having a job or being in a position for drug screens. Many people fall into this category from bus drivers, construction workers, nurses, and government employees. Depending on the State you live in and regulations surrounding your industry you have to be careful when buying CBD products. When choosing a broad spectrum product for this reason, always make sure you are purchasing from a company that supplies third party lab testing or a COA (certificate of analysis) to verify the product is THC-free. With our KC Hemp Co. broad spectrum cbd tinctures , you can easily scan the QR code on the bottom of every bottle for instant access to the third party lab tests showing the full cannabinoid profile in that bottle.

You also will want to be cognizant of the carrier oils in the products. Hemp seed oil is often used as a carrier oil and makes for a great delivery system for the CBD, but it can potentially cause false negatives on drug screenings. For this reason, KC Hemp Co. only uses USDA Certified Organic MCT Oil (fractionated coconut oil). In doing so, it also provides a much cleaner tasting product and clearer in color.


CBD Isolates are exactly how they sound, a single isolated compound from the plant. This is typically done through a supercritical CO2 extraction. Through this process the oils, chlorophyll, plant material and all other compounds are removed leaving behind a 99% pure CBD product.

The exciting thing about isolates is that you can now find other cannabinoids isolated such as CBDa , CBG and CBN . As more research is conducted on the hundred plus known cannabinoids, we will be able to specifically target their interactions with the body and all potential health benefits associated with them. This up and coming research makes it exciting to be able to customize cannabinoid profiles by combining isolated cannabinoids to form a new product based on your own body’s health and wellness needs.

CBD isn’t the only cannabinoid that has the potential to provide major health benefits and the future only looks brighter for the cannabis plant as minor cannabinoids become more available!


Now that you know what the different types of CBD plant extracts are, hop on over to our recent blog post on ways to take CBD. Where we discuss the benefits of the many different ways to take CBD.

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