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different colored cannabis seeds

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The color and feel of a seed, on the other hand, can tell you a little more about its maturity and, potential to germinate or grow into a healthy seedling.

If you are still unsure about the quality of your seeds after analysing their appearance and toughness, it’s time to put your lab coat and goggles on. Well, not quite. This test is extremely easy and only has two possible outcomes. Fill up a drinking glass or glass jar with water (preferably spring or distilled) and place your seeds on the surface.

Can You Tell The Sex Of Cannabis Seeds From Their Appearance?

We do not recommend taking the size or shape of a seed into consideration as a sign of its quality. Some strains simply produce smaller seeds than others, and sometimes the same plant can produce seeds of different sizes and shapes. Never discard a seed just because it is smaller or of a different shape than another one.

Mature cannabis seeds usually have a hard outer shell that can vary in color from very dark (or almost black) to very light grey and may have tiger-like stripes. You should be able to firmly press these seeds between your fingers without damaging them.

However, slight patience is required when conducting the float test, as results are not immediately apparent. You’ll have to wait for approximately 1–2 hours before confirming the results. Some good-quality seeds will need adequate time to absorb enough water for them to sink. Use this time to go water the garden and get some much needed pruning done. Upon your return, any seeds that remain on the surface are most likely not viable and won’t be worth further time and effort.

Don’t let yourself be fooled by this strain’s name – Purple Punch Cookies may taste classically ‘purple’ with notes of berries and grapefruit, but her colors tell another story. This uniquely dark purple and red cannabis strain is accented by orange and white pistils that create a colorful contrast. Purple Punch Cookies will knock your socks off with her cerebral effects that fade into a pleasant couch-lock thanks to her genetic lineage comprised of Gelato, Granddaddy Purple, and GSC.

With the exception of the snow-covered appearance of particularly frosty nugs, color is not necessarily an indication of a particular strain’s potency. The beautifully-colored strains highlighted here have been handpicked by Herbies not only for their gorgeous appearances, but also for their effects and potency. Let us know what your favorite colorful strains are in the comments!

Black Cream Auto (Sweet Seeds)

We’d be remiss if we forgot one of the most high-profile white weed strains out there, White Widow. This legendarily potent and high-yielding strain has been a favorite among marijuana enthusiasts since the 1990s. Her densely-packed buds are decorated with long white hairs, along with the myriads of milky trichomes that give White Widow her name. Between her impeccable appearance and long-lasting, anxiety-reducing effects, this is one classy lady!

LSD-25 Auto is an Indica-dominant hybrid with huge amounts of THC (21-23%), delivering a psychedelic, cerebral high that evolves into a relaxing, medicinal body stone. Aside from her effects and earthy, woody flavors, LSD-25 Auto is also known as one of the most popular varieties of purple cannabis seeds. While these plants are the most beautiful shade of emerald green, her flowers are the real stars of the show here. Pigments ranging from garnet red to maroon appear during flowering, with some phenotypes showing brilliant displays of color similar to dark fruit wines, boysenberries, and crushed velvet.

This has to be one of the most uniquely colored strains on our list. Introducing Auto Banana Blaze, an Indica-dominant strain with a smell and taste that matches her name. In just twelve weeks from germination to harvest, this autoflowering lady grows quickly and beautifully. You’ll fall in love with her lovely autumn-themed color palette of rusty reds, earthy ochres, and maroon-purple hues.