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devil xxl auto cannabis seeds

The Auto Devil XXL Fem strain induces a profoundly mind clearing high, perfect for organizing your thoughts and increasing productivity. Alongside the cognitive buzz is a soothing, relaxing quality that helps alleviate stress. The effects of this strain are applicable for recreational and medical users, as they provide relief from a myriad of mental and physical health challenges.

The high THC levels lead to intense psychoactive impacts. For recreational users who love a kick, this is an awesome strain to start the day. Replace your coffee with this bud that sharpens the mind, intensifies focus and improves the organization of the thought stream. The euphoric high, mixed with the ability to get stuff done, makes this an awesome option for getting through your daily routine. This invigorating energy is not just in the mind, the body is also blessed with a consistent energy burst that can keep you active. As the effects wear off, expect to slip into a sweet, dreamy relaxation.


You could also try the Auto Blueberry x Big Devil strain. The massive bud characteristic of the Big Devil genetics are evident with these plants, while the addition of Blueberry makes its use a tasty treat! Another easy to grow, indica option with THC content of 15-20%. You can expect similar effects as well, a clear head complimented by a balanced body buzz.

Perhaps you are more keen on having an outdoor, garden grow? The natural resistance and adaptability of these plants make them easy to grow even in the unpredictability of mother nature. They will flourish in cold, hot or temperate climates but do best in areas with high temperatures and low humidity. If you are in the northern hemisphere, it is recommended that you germinate as early as April and make sure to harvest by the end of October to avoid the potential damage from the season’s first front. Come fall, you can anticipate a harvest of about 12.3 ounces per plant.

These seeds are also feminized, which means they have two X-chromosomes. Male plants are great if you want to use them to pollinate the females for seed production, but otherwise are weeded out and discarded. The female plants are the ones that produce the nugs we harvest, cure and use. Buying feminized ensures all your seeds will give you usable buds!

Coming from the award-winning Jack Herer, you can bet that this medical marijuana has a lot of mental effects. It starts with a rush that soars through the sky and lets you come down for a while before taking you for another ride and as you continuously experience the feelings of happiness.

Devil XXL Autoflower version is a remarkably potent strain, and this is not just for its recreational qualities but also because of its medicinal and growing characteristics. It has moderate to high THC and has the calming high of sativa strains. It is very adaptable and will never need a special lighting schedule to flower.

Bringing Devilishly Good Time

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First, it is packed with THC that crushes any form of stress and brings a sense of well- being to its users. The calming properties of this Sativa leaning herb bring a tranquil experience relieving them of any anxiety or depression.

When we talk about Sativa strains, it is predominantly acknowledged that these strains are medical. They offer great therapeutic benefits to a lot of people; hence they are very marketable nowadays. Devil XXL Autoflower is one of the few Sativa dominant strains that offer both medical value and grower’s delight.

Growing this strain also makes for a happy experience as this auto-flowering version is highly adaptable and rarely requires the plant to follow a light cycle.