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According to Laegemiddelstyrelsen (The Danish Medicines Agency), there are four cannabis-based products available on prescription:

If you are travelling to Denmark (or are a resident), it is useful to know the following:

Cannabis in Copenhagen

Wondering if there is a list (link) of businesses currently selling hemp products legally in Denmark and other Scandinavian Countries….Thank You!

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As with many countries, Denmark’s political parties are divided when it comes to cannabis. Five of the country’s parties; Enhedslisten, the Socialist People’s Party, Alternative, Radikale Venstre and Liberal Alliance, recently voiced their support for decriminalising the sale of cannabis. They claimed that prohibiting recreational use enabled criminal organisations to profit from illegal trade.

The first marijuana penalty is around 70 euros, so this is not the largest penalty we can find in the European Union either, especially if we compare it to Spain, where the penalties for cannabis possession start at 600 euros (300 euros paid promptly).

To conclude the medical section, it should be mentioned that the use, purchase and sale of CBD is legal in Denmark since 2018. As is the case in many countries where cannabidiol is legal, the maximum amount of THC that can be contained in hemp flowers or CBD extracts cannot exceed 0.2%.

Possession and Use of Marijuana in Denmark

Possession of marijuana is illegal in Denmark. The Controlled Substances Act of 2016 makes this illegal and anyone caught carrying marijuana in Denmark on a public street is liable to penalties of various kinds. In fact, the penalties can range from financial fines, as we will see later, to a maximum of 2 years imprisonment.

However, the penalty for possession of marijuana can be reduced or even stopped, if the amount of marijuana being carried at the time is less than 10 grams of hashish or 50 grams of marijuana buds. This always depends on which law enforcement officer the individual is with and the individual’s behaviour.

As in most European countries, in Denmark it is illegal to possess, sell or distribute Cannabis to individuals. Despite this, the situation for marijuana in Denmark is not the worst on the continent, as the recent legal medical marijuana scheme creation has brought good news in the country.