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deep purple cannabis seeds

An indica hybrid of famous parentage, the upwards of 19% THC in Deep Purple marijuana seed strain is just the beginning – with enviable scent and even tastier flavor, Deep Purple is a delicious example of cannabis breeding done right.

Boasting anywhere between 14 and 19% THC, the euphoria-inducing quality of Deep Purple has never been in question. A smooth, rich smoke, it is deeply sedative, an ideal strain for evening or night time, with friends or on your own. Ridiculously cerebral, the high will creep up slowly, in sensations described as disorienting, often accompanied by a trippy sativa hit that may take you from literally “seeing things” to an easygoing relaxation over the course of its fragrant experience. The heaviness of its indica effects are known to ease aches and pains, and it has potent anti-inflammatory properties as well, marking it as an excellent naturopathic alternative. Though relatively cerebral, the lack of “buzz” has made Deep Purple a popular alternative for those hoping to benefit from the therapeutic qualities of cannabis without the panic associated with a low tolerance for THC.


Growing Deep Purple marijuana seeds is as exciting as experiencing the effects. The large and tapered buds are usually bright green with neon orange pistils. Some versions boast purple leaves, ranging anywhere from delicate lavender to deep violet. Imagine these colors blooming in your yard! Growers have been able to encourage these shades by carefully controlling the temperatures the plant is exposed to.

The aroma profile of Deep Purple cannabis is about as far from the typical aroma of marijuana as you can get. The terpenes here combine for a scent that is reminiscent of grapes and sweet plums, with grounding, earthy notes. The same can be said of the smoke, and the flavor is not far behind, with distinct tobacco-like notes.

What is it about Deep Purple marijuana that makes this long-standing strain one of the most popular on the market? Could it be it’s mouth-wateringly juicy flavor, the gorgeous colors of the flowers, or both? Whatever it is, Deep Purple is a mellow indica that hits all the right notes in every category and should be on your list of cannabis strains to try, if you haven’t already.

TGA Subcool’s Deep Purple is a cannabis hybrid created in order to preserve the best dominant traits of the classic Urkle, crossing it with a Purple Querkle male to isolate the fermented grape scent that made it famous.

Deep Purple can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. While it’s not the fastest growing or the highest yielding plant, the flowers it produces are of such flavour and high quality that it more than makes up for any lack of vigour and ensures it’s place in many a grower’s mother room.

To get the best out of Deep Purple, TGA Subcool recommends a vegetative growth phase of 3-6 weeks except when growing in SOG (Sea of Green).

Deep Purple has great medicinal benefits, being ideal for soothing pains since its effect is very soothing and relaxing. All in all, it is a very pleasant and full-flavoured smoke.

Deep Purple plants exhibits a range of colours – not all phenotypes are violet, but you are guaranteed prime bud in all cases. However, the purple phenotypes with musty grape flavours are the most sought after, with many growers prizing them among their finest Indicas.

This strain was created to lock down more of the Urkle dominant traits and bring out more of the musty grape taste that Urk is famous for.
The strain produces a wide range of female plants and not all of them will exhibit colors at all. The ones that due however are highly sought after and several people concider there Purple Grape females amoung there best Indicas strains. Not a huge producer or a fast growing plant it makes up for it in taste and high quality.