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dark helmet cannabis seeds

Girl Scout Cookies

FLOWERING TIME: 63 – 70 days. Dark Helmet is the result of a special project locking down the unique traits and flavor profile of Forum Girl Scout Cookies into seed form by back-crossing the clone only cut to our Jawa Pie ( Key Lime Pie x Alien rift ) frost male. Key Lime Pie is a clone-only 'sister' phenotype or cultivar of the Girl Scout Cookies lineage. Growers can expect very dense and frosty bud sites with a limey sugar cookie terpene profile.

Grower’s Description

I imagine a seasoned smoker could use this stuff throughout the day but for me its a great strain after 5pm.

This strain is amazing. Very unique buzz.. like a mental bomb of calmness yet clear head high as well. Very strong stone. Calming but not too sleepy.
The smell and flavor is almost sour and that sweetness gives a hint of lime all on top of a chocolatey, earthy kinda baked good smell.

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Ill make an educated guess on what someone could use this strain for other than recreationally. if you have a hard time shutting your brain off but you still want the ability to focus on one task (without thinking of a million other things, this is a great strain)

if you have a hard time slowing your hands down or have any kind of restlessness I think this will put an immediate halt to that without making you too tired at all.