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dark grape cannabis seeds

Here you can find all info about BlackGrape from Breeder Choice Organisation. If you are searching for information about BlackGrape from Breeder Choice Organisation, check out our Basic Infos, Lineage / Genealogy or Hybrids / Crossbreeds for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information. If you have any personal experiences with growing or consuming this cannabis variety, please use the upload links to add them to the database!

Plants grow to typical tight hashplant Indicas, nice central colas dripping in resins on every leaf and flower. Some plants will show dense Purple traits and if outdoor’s turn almost black with cooler temps. Very pretty flowers.

Basic / Breeders Info

* Type: Mixed Indica 100%
* Genotype: PK88 x Chitrali (Afghanistan x Pakistan Hashplants)
* Limited Edition

BlackGrape is a limited edition seed line aimed at Indoor Connoisseur Indica lovers, looking for something special. The BlackGrape is a combination of pure Indica Hashish making lines from back in time. A very select Pure Kush from Afghanistan crossed to our highly proven Purple Chitrali males.

The Afghanistani, PK88 line makes extremely dense high THC plants and features a great depth of terpene’s but for us, some rough edges in the quality of smoke and a little too much body only high. Combined with our Purple Chitrali males, the depth of tastes and smells are retained altered significantly to be unmistakable Black Grape flavors. Deep, sweet and really smooth.

Is it wine, or is it weed? Grape Kush marijuana is a potent sativa that boosts your mood with a sweet, fruity smoke. Dark green and purple nugs give intermediate growers a fantastic and aromatic harvest in as little as 8 weeks.

Itself a combination of infamous cannabis strains, the sativa-dominant Grape Kush will boost your mood but won’t affect your focus. What starts as a gentle happiness melts into a cerebral high that floods the mind, making you feel light on your feet and quick to giggle. At upwards of 24%, Grape Kush isn’t for just anyone – considered better for recreational use, patients who are fighting chronic pain, stress, or depression may find it useful as an all-natural alternative to prescription medications.


Grape Kush marijuana is a passion project of breeders with one goal in mind – to create a potent cannabis strain that doesn’t taste at all like cannabis. And they were remarkably successful. A single toke and you’ll be overwhelmed by the strength of this sweet, fruity smoke. Coupled with an earthy aroma, the smooth smoke is a treat for novice and master smokers alike.

Reminiscent of the vintage vines that drape the rolling hills of wine country, Grape Kush marijuana seeds develop plants that boast dense nugs and bloom with dark green and purple hues. Indoors, growers with intermediate experience can see harvest arrive in as little as 8 weeks of flowering, with a moderate yield of super-potent pot for your troubles.

It has a flowering period of about 8-10 weeks, with a high bud yield that easily reaches 500g per m2. All this when provided with 630w HPS or LEC lights or the new LED lighting systems that are currently providing very good performances to growers all over the world. In outdoor cultivation provided with good cultivation conditions it develops easily, growing vigorously. Provided with a long growing period, this beautiful plant can offer a high yield of sweeties in October. Certainly its buds will melt our taste buds.

Grape Smash is a plant with a strong structure, with a vigorous development from the beginning. It is easy to control using techniques such as topping for a SCROG cultivation or for conventional cultivation with no pruning. When grown from cuttings, SOG can also be used with the buds gathered into a single main stem.

This variety is remarkable in its organoleptic properties. It is able to produce, according to the phenotype, a wild berry pancake syrup flavour mixed with a gasoline and grapefruit sweet flavour. An experience that makes the mouth feel like a feast of nuances and flavours. It is an ideal plant for lovers of the Purps family varieties, a genetic line that has set the trend in US cannabis breeding.

Grape Smash ancestors

On the other hand Bitch Slap, one of the genetic bases Dark Horse has worked extensively with. It is a genetics developed from award winning varieties like Kosher Kush or Kosher Og crossed with Og Eddy Lep x Zkittlez, an elegant, powerful and delicious hybrid. The result is undoubtedly a powerful and tasty marijuana plant.

Grape Smash flowering is a delight, little by little the flowers are getting bigger and more compact and at the same time they emanate a fruity aroma very present in the cultivation. These scents make the use of carbon filters or other anti-odour systems indispensable.

It offers aromas and flavours as powerful as its relaxing effect with a high THC level of about 28%. An effect that invites the consumer to take a deep rest and relax on the couch, perfect at the end of the day when there is nothing left to do.

Dark Horse Genetics presents here Grape Smash, a regular marijuana plant created from the cross between Grape Cola and Bitch Slap. The result is a new Fun Dip sweet-flavoured marijuana hybrid with an intense Indica sedative effect.