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critical x somango . cannabis seeds

Though this ganja grows similarly to Critical, its scent and flavor are alike to Somango. During inhalation, it lays hold of tropical sweetness on another level with its blend of peach, mango, and pineapple tastes. With these palatable flavors, users will enjoy toking this ganja similar to the feelings they will have when it comes to its effects. Thus, this ganja is perfect for nighttime consumption as it instantly covers the body with composure. It delivers a wave of calmness, which makes each part of the plant gentle and a bit hefty. Compared to several Indica-hefty variations, this ganja does not provide couch-lock in average consumption.

This hybrid cannabis is also a therapeutic strain, which is pleasurable to use. The holistic mitigation begins in the head. With the help of its anxiolytic property, it prevents the appearance of stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and bipolar issues. Aside from that, it as well gives a long euphoria that hampers negative feelings. The concentration is on happy notions, avoiding negative overthinking that is sometimes the cause of mental disorders.

What are the Flavors and Effects of Critical x Somango?

This small to medium-sized cannabis that appears similarly to Critical yet grows with more boughs requires sufficient sideways space due to its stretching limbs. Training can also be applied in this ganja to give the bottom parts enough light exposure and to further great airflow. This prefers any kind of medium but does well-using hydroponics. In growing this indoors, it is important to have a temperature that ranges from 21 to 26 degrees Celsius and 40 to 50% for its RH level. Give this plant 8 to 9 weeks for the flowering period, but on its last week, the humidity should be lowered to 30 to 40%. Since this cannabis is rich in boughs, it is suggested to only put 4 to 9 plants per square meter and 600W lighting. This SOG method can yield up to 500-grams/ m2.

While the physical feeling scatters, the head is also receiving its part of the satisfaction. The euphoric high displays quickly and attaching a temporary beam on the face. After a few minutes, the mental high additionally moves up. It uplifts the cerebral state where there are no stressors to have. The sweet-sounding experience can last up to 3 hours. When the high disappears, drowsiness will settle in that can let the eyes feel heavy. With that, users will be on a night of deep sleep after a few minutes.

Though this cannabis is enjoyable to consume, this can still provide some negative effects. With that, consuming too much with this ganja can lead to lenient cottonmouth and dry eyes. This may also cause headaches, serious anxiety, and paranoia.

This moderately potent 16-20% THC strain is the epitome of a perfectly blended hybrid strain. It brings positivity and an uplifted mood that is absolutely euphoric. These blissful effects have helped it become a staple in grow operations for avid growers who want a constant supply of buds that help reduce anxiety, depression and stress. The constant supply of buds is easily manageable with the enormous yields that are provided. Indoor growers can expect 450-550g/m2 and 680g per plant with optimal conditions. Medicinal growers get jazzed when they hear about the presence of Limonene, which is known for anti-inflammatory and anti-stress capabilities. It also brings a fruity aroma and flavor that helps contribute to this sweet tasting strain. After only 8-9 weeks of flowering, get the bushels ready for your humongous harvest.

When you buy Female Critical Somango online and add it to your home grow you are only a short time away from incredible effects. You are going to feel a rush of relaxation and warmth as though you were ensconced in a comforter by your grandma. A physical buzz will come in waves that relieves tension from joints and muscles. In moderate doses, it will keep you mobile and avoid couch lock but should not be confused with an activity inducing strain. Like most indica heavy strains, the physical sensations will end up spreading to the head. While it won’t create a perma-smile, it can come close. The euphoria brings about the best thoughts that you can muster and removes worries and stressors from your current environment. This hybrid strain is perfect for evening use. After 2-3 hours, a drowsiness will set in and help you get ready for bed. As you drift off to dreamland, your mind, body and soul will experience a recharge that helps you prepare for the battles of tomorrow.

Growing Critical x Somango From Seed

Taking after one of its namesakes, Critical, this small to medium sized plant has a bushy structure that makes them nearly identical. The key distinguishing factor between the strains is that Critical Mango has more branches. The bushy structure and ample branches need to have enough room to stretch out laterally. Be sure to train the plant to offer enough air and sunlight to all the branches for optimal growth. This easy to grow strain will grow well in any medium but often delivers premium results in hydroponics. The massive flowers that contain 16-20% THC are supported with thick branches and rarely need additional support. In order to get the best yields, training techniques such as pruning and topping are recommended. Pruning and topping offer enough light and air to get to the stems and allocate energy effectively. To top your plant, simply cut off the top of the main stalk. This allows energy to be diverted to lateral branches and produce several main colas which provide larger yields. In this case, 450-550g/m2 indoors and 680g per plant.

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The presence of Limonene is one aspect that makes Critical Somango popular amongst the medicinal and recreational community. The moderately potent 16-20% THC content offers enough of a punch for veteran smokers while not being overwhelming for neophytes. A flowering time of 8-9 weeks makes any grower smile, especially when it returns 450-500g/m2. That combination is enough to bring a grin to the grumpiest grandpa on the block. A fruity smoke leads to euphoria and sends anxious, depressive and stressful thoughts heading to stage left. None of these great benefits are attainable though if germination does not occur. Thankfully when you Buy Female Critical x Somango Online from Weed Seeds that won’t be an issue.