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critical widow cannabis seeds

The best thing about this strain being an Indica dominant one is that growers can yield crystal and fruity-packed buds. This finishes its flowering time of about seven to nine weeks. This plant is also produced on a huge scale, and this is grown coming with huge yields. This is amazing for its potent effects on being a feminized type.

This Critical Widow (fem) is easy for you to grow as a cannabis strain. This is also commercialized from being a unique and complex hybrid. This will enable you to get the two worlds. The White Widow is known to boast for its uplifting and Sativa effects, Indica structure, and yield. It is also dominantly believed in its Indica effect of Critical.

Also Known as The White Widow x Critical

Additional Information

Critical Widow feminized version is a strain with an uplifting effect owing to its sativa lineage, but it retains an indica structure and size. You’ll love its crystal-coated buds as you’ll get amazing yields even with very little effort. It is a potent and versatile strain that is perfect for indoor, outdoor, or greenhouse growing.

Grow it anywhere you want, like in the outdoor, indoor, and greenhouse. It is to be harvested in the middle of September. It is also sized medium in height while it contains a twenty-percent THC level. Its yield can range for about 450 to 600 grams for indoor and 600g/m2 for outdoor.

With its high THC content of around 27%, Critical Widow is best kept in the hands of experienced smokers. The effect begins euphorically and creates a powerful high. Later this high turns into a pleasant and relaxed “stoned”, which makes it ideal for the afternoon or early evening.

Characteristics of the Critical Widow

The effect of critical widow

Relaxed activities such as preparing a nice dinner, watching films or chatting with friends are the order of the day.

When two legends like the Critical Mass and the White Widow meet, you can expect a spectacular result . and the result in the form of the Critical Widow is even better than we expected.

With a THC content between 25 and 27%, the Critical Widow catapults the mind into another dimension. She has the best qualities of her parents. The citrus scent, the fast flowering and the fat buds come from the Critical Mass. She inherited the huge resin production and the frosty look from the White Widow. All these properties make the Critical Widow the queen in the garden and in the grow tent.

Slightly sweet and sour, with subtle citrus notes and an elegant earthy aftertaste. The smoke is very gentle and clean.