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cream cannabis seeds

We combined the genetics of the Cream Caramel with Deimos, which resulted in this aromatic, sweet-tasting, indica-dominant strain.

Auto Cream flowers to maturity in only 65-75 days, generating large, resinous buds with an especially large main cola that may cause issues in very humid climates.

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Cream auto-flowering marijuana seeds also contain a medium level of CBD, making it an excellent choice for patients looking to cope with symptoms like chronic pain and migraines, stress, tension, and may even relieve pressure on the eyes associated with glaucoma.

For the cannabis connoisseur with a sweet tooth, Cream Auto-flowering marijuana seeds make an excellent choice, especially if you’re fond of the kind of relaxed and cheerful high that comes along with this scrumptious strain.

While the flavor profile of Cream might be like candy, don’t let it fool you – it packs a good punch. Taking from its indica-dominant heritage, you’ll find yourself feeling the overwhelming urge to “veg out” with Cream, a perfect way to end an extra stressful day, or to kick a persistent bout of insomnia to the curb. Of course, with a 16% THC content, you may also feel like you’re floating on cloud nine, but not so much that you’re a space case.


One of the most enticing features of Cream Auto-flowering marijuana is how easy it is to grow for any level of cannabis gardener, part of which can be attributed the addition of Ruderalis genetics. Automatically switching out of its vegetative stage when its good and ready, whether you plant Cream auto-flowering marijuana seeds inside or out, you’ll be looking at a moderate harvest of tasty cannabis after about 50-60 days of flowering.

For a sweet, caramel strain, try Cream Autoflowering marijuana seeds. Insomnia and stress don’t stand a chance when you light up this tasty bud. Easy to grow indoors and out, you’ll get a moderate yield from this guy.

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