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comprehensive cannabis seed breeding

When a breeder has crossed a strain and determined the most desired phenotype, he will backcross the strain to make its genetics stronger. The process involves cross-pollinating the new strain with a parent or with itself. In effect, you are inbreeding the strain. This process ensures the strain is more homozygous and strengthens the desirable traits and genetics. Moreover, the genes get passed down to the next generation, and then the next one, and so on.

If you have ever purchased a hybrid strain from a dispensary, you should appreciate the effort that has gone into ensuring your weed has consistently desirable traits. In all likelihood, the weed you buy has gone through generations of breeding to ensure it doesn’t carry unwanted characteristics.

First of all, a hybrid is created through the breeding of two or more strains. These hybrids are a cross of these strains; and the strains you use to breed the hybrid are the parents, while your new strain is the offspring. For example, Blue Dream is a hybrid of Blueberry and Haze; these strains are Blue Dream’s parents.

What is Backcrossing Marijuana?

Within five generations of breeding the hybrid to the parent, the plant should have the traits you are looking for. When this happens, you can breed a female and male stabilized hybrid together to create a new hybrid.

Once you have identified the strains you want to use for breeding, and have the requisite male and female plants , the next step is to place several females and a male into a special breeding chamber to ensure the pollen is contained. This may sound complicated, but you can create a DIY chamber by finding a suitable space and keeping it enclosed with the aid of plastic sheeting.

If you decide to backcross a strain, make sure you don’t overdo it. If you inbreed a plant too often, recessive genes can become apparent in the offspring. Ideally, you will not perform backcross breeding more than twice. Also, you will normally choose the best male plant to be bred back to the parent.

Once you have mature seeds, you harvest and dry them. You can now finally grow the seeds on their own.

Without expert cannabis breeders and seed banks, we would not have the diverse and eclectic mix of strains that we all get to enjoy today. Here you can find a list of breeders from across the globe. Read all about who they are, the strains they have in their catalog and of course their reviews.

The world of cannabis is ever evolving, and to that end, this collection of breeders is not definitive. As up and coming talents enter the industry our list will keep growing and growing. Even better, if you know a breeder or seed bank that should be presented here, then let us know!