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coloured cannabis seeds

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This is one of the most interesting and different variety we have made in recent years, the result of crossing genetics that produces very dark reddish and purple, almost black hues; resulting in a progeny here all individuals display the colors described above, to a greater or lesser extent.
It is a variety with a columnar structure, where the branches grow very close to the stem, with two clearlydistinct aroma types, finding in many cases a correlation between the colors and the aroma, with the darkest individuals exhibiting floral and fresh aromas and finding some more acidic flavors, keeping them floral point described above.
As for individuals who do not show colors so intense, a very strong lemon scent predominates, which in some case reminds us of incense aromas.
With regard to yield, structure and resin level there is not much variation, being a variety in which we can find individuals with a very high resin level, medium-high yield, and where the feed rate should be low profile since it does not support high conductivity values very well.
Its effect is powerful, with a tendency toward more reflective states, of tranquillity and contemplation, with a very interesting relaxation point for medical users.

This article will discuss the scientific reason why some weeds are colorful, and others are not. We will also identify a few colorful weeds and the proper ways to grow them according to their standards.

Most growers with expert skills temperature levels utilize trichomes as determinants if the buds are ready for harvest. Trichomes, when they reached their highest THC Level, its color will change into a yellow or amber color. Though it happens rarely, it can even transform into colors purple or pink, making it complicated for growers to identify whether to harvest or not.

1. Calyxes

This colorful weed has intense color inherited from its parents Big Devil XL and ruderalis strain. It thrives and develops into a medium-sized weed. It produces black and purple mixture buds that require only a favorable condition of growing area for it to flourish. It will be ready for harvest until nine weeks of the flowering period, both indoor and outdoor.

From the crossbreeding of Pakistani Kush and Green Poison, the Red Poison Auto is a beautiful plant with a mixture of red and purple hues both occur on leaves and flowers. This strain is straightforward to cultivate and could reach up to 120 centimeters when under climate.

Growing this type of weed requires standard provisions of requirements and nutrients. However, dropping the temperature during the night is the best way to emphasize its back hue.