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colorado cannabis seed prices fort collins

Mile High Dispensary
1350 South Sheridan Boulevard

“It takes two to three years to develop a seed, to make it sellable,” he says of breeding sturdy, potent genetics. “It’s tremendously expensive to do it on a large level if you want something good.”

Quality control is important no matter the motivation for growing cannabis. As convenient as clones are, you’re stuck with the paranoia of buying B-squad genetics and any diseases or pests they might carry. Using seeds brings more environmental control and peace of mind, and they’re cheaper in the long run than clones. So why are they so hard to find?

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Kind Love
4380 East Alameda Avenue, Glendale

Denver Clone Store
755 South Federal Boulevard

4690 Brighton Boulevard

3. The Bank
The Bank is an offshoot of the Clinic, one of Denver’s most esteemed dispensary chains. One visit to a Clinic bud bar and it’s easy to tell why, with award-winning takes on Grape God Bud and Tangie. Unfortunately, you can’t get those local favorites from the Bank, but it still has interesting strains to choose from with similar genetics. Classics like Bubba Kush, Durban Poison and SAGE are used to produce hybrids like Grape Kush and Lemon Poison. The list of pot shops that sell the Bank’s seeds changes regularly, but it’s almost always a safe bet to find them at any of the Clinic’s four locations or five others listed below.

Best prices in town good bud supply the only con some of the bud tenders are not so friendly they need better customer service training

The collection of genetics spans the last three decades and represents the finest specimens of cannabis strains in the world. The seeds available at House of Dankness are always changing so check them out and claim your prized genetics today!

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This is the best dispensary in this town a lil on the pricey side but well worth the money and the bud tenders are awesome and very!! Knowledgeable about thier products and very!! Friendly i highly recommend this place to anyone

The Farm has been a very popular dispensary in Boulder for many years, serving up some of the best cannabis in Colorado. They even offer an extensive line of F1 seeds (for both home-growers and the wholesale market) so that anyone of legal age can grow their renowned genetics at home. For consumers, seeds are sold in packs of 6 ranging from $30-60 and are available in a variety of strains. You can even order the seeds online and pick them up in the store at a later time. Check out some of our favorite seeds that The Farm offers:

Membership has its privileges! $100 Oz.

You can buy two clones for $29.95 or six for $74.95.

Located throughout Colorado, The Green Solution offers clones at all 16 locations, including 20th Ave at Edgewater , Potomac St at Central Aurora , and Federal Blvd at Westminster . The clones are cut from mother plants at their award-winning grow facilities.

Whether you buy clones from L’Eagle or not, be sure to download their excellent clone care instructions . These instructions will help you get the best start possible.

Karmaceuticals — Denver

Kind Love has been providing high-quality plants to Colorado home growers since 2010. When you buy clones at Kind Love, you are assured the finest genetics and healthy, fungus-free plants that are sure to thrive.

The cannabis at L’Eagle Services in Denver is as close to organic as you can get. L’Eagle has been Clean Green Certified since they opened in 2010. This third-party certification relies on USDA organic standards and applies them to cannabis cultivation using sustainable, natural, and organically-based practices. L’Eagle has also won multiple awards for cultivation, including the NCIA 2018 Excellence in Innovation Award.

Average price per clone: $17

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