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Classic Skunk is an old-school strain of cannabis seeds that can give you a glimpse into the history of weed. This pure breed Skunk has a flowering time of 7–8 weeks and can produce up to 500g/m² of top-shelf bud. It is well worth a go!

When thinking about classic strains that have shaped the modern market, Skunk always comes out on top. It paved the way for an untold amount of hybrids, and is still regarded as one of the most influential strains of all time. For this reason we have decided to preserve it as it is, and offer our customers Classic Skunk.

Classic Skunk (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

The taste and aroma Skunk strains produce are so profound, that “skunky” has become a whole new descriptive word in itself—used to describe the tastes and aromas of other strains; and boy, does Classic Skunk have them!

Classic Skunk by Zamnesia Seeds is a Skunk as it should be, pure and simple. We haven’t deviated from the original in any way, because let’s face it, why try and fix something that isn’t broken? What you get is a potent, old-school Skunk with powerful genetics.

Classic Skunk induces a very strong mind and body high—lifting your brain away as it soothes the aches, pains and tensions of your body. It is a powerful punch, so be wary. It is an ideal strain for an end of day smoke, when you don’t have much going on and just want to relax.

Looking at Elite Seed’s new La Rica Classic THC, a strain from their high-THC range of cannabis varieties, it can be really difficult to find a flaw or drawback. La Rica Classic THC combines a lot of good qualities that should please anyone, from the passionate grower to cannabis connoisseurs.

When smoked, La Rica Classic THC will please with a nice sweet melon aroma and a superb Indica high that thanks to her 20% of THC will be very relaxing, smoothing and calming. This is a great smoke if you want to chill, for watching movies or listening to some music.

La Rica Classic THC (Elite Seeds) feminized

La Rica Classic THC by Elite Seeds is a typical Indica that won’t disappoint. A sweet melon aroma and her superb Indica high that is deeply relaxing make for a very satisfying smoke experience. She’s easy to grow too which adds to the good impression of this fabulous strain.

La Rica Classic THC by Elite Seeds is a classic Indica dominant (80%) strain that isn’t difficult to grow. The medium-sized plant can do very well whether you want to grow her indoors or outdoors. She will grow into a wide and bushy plant with numerous branches that will be loaded with a ton of very-dense buds. Her sparkling flowers that will be covered in resin may possible give it away, La Rica Classic THC is an excellent resin producer that makes the plant a good choice to grow if you want to make concentrates. The flowering time of La Rica Classic THC is a reasonably short 8 weeks.

La Rica Classic THC by Elite Seeds has everything you could wish for from a top quality Indica. Her superb flavour and classic relaxing Indica high make her a strain that’s definitely worth growing!

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