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citrus rush regular cannabis seeds

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Combined with limonene (the effects of which may be enhanced thanks to the presence of regulatory terpene myrcene) THC gives medical seeds potential for this Archive Seeds strain to provide relief for the symptoms of anxiety and stress, relaxing the mind and softening the effects related to these conditions.

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Citrus Rush by Archive Seeds is a cannabis seed that undoubtedly comes from good stock, with a mix of skunk strains, cookies strains and kush strains in its impressive genetic background. The genetics of this high THC level strain see Skunk Tangerine crossed with the Do-Si-Dos strain.

The medical marijuana potential of this regular cannabis seed comes heavily from the high THC level, which binds to cannabinoid receptors, and can aid in falling (and staying) asleep, giving Citrus Rush the potential ability to help those living with insomnia.

Citrus Rush from Archive Seedbank is Skunk Tang crossed with the Dosidos. There is 12 Regular Cannabis Seeds in every pack with flowering times ranging from 70-75 days.

Another killer classic coming from a collaboration with the infamous OrgnKid. A great friend for many years and one of the original kush pioneers, OrgnKid is known for his discerning taste and quality in selecting mothers. The Skunk Tangerine mother is no different, a crowd pleaser and mega yielder of funky strawberry tangerine popsicle flavored buds. Crossed with the Dosidos father line is sure to raise the bar on the frost and potency levels of the mom, while softening the astringent qualities of the Skunk Tangerine mellowing into a satisfying aromatic delight.