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cinderella99 x somango cannabis seeds

These neon green flowers with canary-yellow pistils emit a concentrated sulfurous odor, which means the grower must take the necessary precautions so as not to attract unwanted attention. In a confined space, an efficient odor-control mechanism should be installed, such as one that uses activated charcoal.

Cinderella 99 x Somango Fem has a prototypical Indica structure, making it one of the most beginner-friendly strains for home cultivation. It is a very short and stocky plant with forest-green, broad-fingered fan leaves. Numerous thick branches emerge from the main stem, sturdy enough to carry the heavy trichome-coated buds as the plant matures.

Flowering Time

Although Cindy 99 and Somango are both known for their mighty cerebral effects, their offspring’s high is more on the gentle side. Granted, it is a stimulating weed, but it is just potent enough to give you the motivation and energy to face the challenges of the day without being overwhelming. It is unlikely to cause visual and auditory distortions, allowing you to remain productive instead.

If the foliage is too lush, it also raises the risk of moisture-related diseases like powdery mildew and bud rot. Thankfully, this strain has a high degree of resistance to such pathogens. Nevertheless, it never hurts to keep a close eye on the plant as it develops.

Because Cinderella 99 x Somango Fem is a relatively tiny plant, it can easily fit into any average-sized grow tent or cabinet. Still, there is a way to fit more plants into a limited area and increase the yield. By using the Sea of Green (SOG) method, you can group several plants close together, ensuring that each has 30 cm (12 inches) of space to expand. More plants equal higher yield. In addition, this technique can shorten the plants’ vegetative stage to only 2 weeks, resulting in a fast turnover.

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What are feminized seeds? Feminized seeds have been around for a long time now so everyone should know why they are important. Traditional and natural cannabis seeds grow to become both male and female. The trouble with this is when growing for buds to smoke, you do not want males in your room. The basics is that a male will produce pollen which will stop a female growing buds to smoke and instead produce seeds. With special breeding techniques it has been possible to produce all female seeds so you no longer need to worry about males in your garden, which is pretty awesome.

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There are also people that believe Regular cannabis seeds produce better plants that are more potent and result in much higher production.

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What are Fast Version Seeds? Fast Version cannabis strains are something that have been newly created. They have been made by taking auto genetics and reversing them back so they no longer auto flower. As a result the seeds grow much faster than they originally did, reducing flowering times by up to 2 weeks.