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chronic cannabis seeds uk

Chronic has an eclectic blend of aromas that range from pungent and spicy, to floral and sweet. But when you trim the buds there’s an aromatic mix of spice, pine, and sweet limes. It’s something you have to grow and experience for yourself to fully comprehend this magic.

Chronic Bud is quite easy to grow in most conditions but tends to favor warm and semi-humid climates. It does well when you manage its growth through topping and fimming. Both of these techniques create bushy plants that can pack on sizable nugs with the proper nutrients and feeding schedule. You can grow this strain indoors as well and it will have an 8 to 10 weeks flowering cycle. The plants reach medium heights of 100 to 180 cm and when growing outdoors are ready for harvest in late September or early October. Finally, the yields on Chronic are bountiful with 400 to 500 grams per M2.

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Chronic was first bred by Serious Seeds in 1994 and in the same year it placed in the High Times Cannabis Cup by earning the number 3 spot. Since then, it’s found its way back to the award stage several times. In terms of its lineage, this is a 40/60 Indica to Sativa strain that was crossed with some of the most respected and sought after strains in the world of cannabis. They include Northern Lights, Skunk, and AK-47. The breeders incorporated AK-47 into this balanced mix to increase the strain’s resin production to intensify the potency.

In true ‘chronic’ fashion, the THC levels of this bud are pretty epic, weighing in at 19% on average but can get up to 22%. Also, this plant is able to produce small concentrations of CBD which add a deeper dimension to the stone. After smoking, the initial effects manifest as a cerebral buzz. This could translate to creativity, energy, the giggle fits, or a deep desire to express your social side. But, when smoked in large doses, the physical, sedative effects become more pronounced. So, this part of the high can make you tired, lazy, or even hungry. Medical users seek out this strain to help ease symptoms of depression, stress, and pain.

This is one of our favorite hybrids because it has an even balance of cerebral and physical effects and a strong potency to help those effects stick around for many hours. Growers of all levels can enjoy the fruits of their labour with this easy to grow strain that rewards them with high yields. Lastly, its’ a strain with an incredible flavour profile that leaves a sweet floral and spicy taste on your taste buds.

For a plant that yields really well, it only achieves medium heights. It grows stocky and the buds on the large colas are super dense. However, it doesn’t have many sugar leaves.

Chronic is an awesome strain, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Try just one cannabis seed through our Pick and Mix Seeds service, and you’ll be instantly sold!

By mixing White Widow with Original Chronic, Feminised Seeds has created the perfect piece of weed art. Not only does this cannabis seed have even more THC-enriched crystals than ever before, she’s more intense in every other way including power, effect & flavour. You’ll hate yourself if you don’t get this one!

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Do not for one minute be fooled by its competition! What this Chronic Feminized delivers is simply staggering. She’s a one-hit wonder with a breath-taking appearance, massive yields and everything else you’d expect from a high-grade Skunk.

If you demand the very best, buy Chronic Cannabis Seeds for a welcome surprise. This is one strain that most definitely lives up to its stellar reputation. You will absolutely not be disappointed with this legend.

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