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choice cannabi seeds

The Choice Seedbank sells cannabis seeds solely for souvenir and storage purposes. It is ILLEGAL to germinate cannabis seeds in the UK and in most countries. We cannot and we will not discuss germination/yields/THC and etc. as we cannot be seen to be promoting this.

For your own protection we require you to check with all local laws and international laws governing the purchase of cannabis seeds in your part of the world. By ordering, you confirm that you checked this and it is ok for to order. The Choice cannot accept the responsibility for that decision which rests solely upon you.

The fact that you people want me to do the work to present my problem when you should have not responded to me until you had found my order and have a few possible solutions on hand to offer when you respond but you did not you jumped on a standard response quick so you look like your on your game sad if my seed do show up I will be blessed as I will be to not have to do business with growers choice again

Hello and good morning to everyone, while I am always reluctant to leave a negative review, it is the only way that vendors can attempt to do better and I honestly feel Growers Choice really wants to do right by their customers. However they may try, they fall short in this department and it is and will continue to damage their reputation. I am a professiobal grower and I recently tried to order from GC it was immediately dissapointing at every turn, it took almost a month to get them shipped, taking ten days from time the shipping label was printed till it was taken to post office. I live in Arizona 300 miles away and yet shipping took another 8 days to get to me. Then, the fun began I had a 55% germination rate despite employing tried true methods to ensure germination. Only 1 out of 3 grew to be healthy, the ones that did turn out yielded only 11 grams, not my idea of a good harvest compared to the 106 grams from a separate batch of seeds from GC that grew "properly" a month ago. I decided to report the outcome to let them(Growers Choice) know and they informed me they would be issuing reward points to replace the seeds but that shipping would not be included with the refund which, would not be horrible if it were not for the fact that I have had non-stop trouble with every payment method that they accept. I finally was sucessful with bit coin transfer after 3 days of reordering to get the payment approved. Of course, after that battle I had just started to think it was over when I was slapped with the email stating that my label has been printed but there will be delays thus, further pushing my patience again. I will conclude by saying that i appriciate them trying to do right by their customers but i run a business and have for 30 years and in no world I live in is it ever right to make a customer pay for replacment shipping on an order thats being replaced, at minimum it should have been sent to a specific person or persons to handle these items and they should be shipped the next day or overnight its not like the package takes up a lot of room nor weighs a lot it would only cost a few dollars out of pocket to have a valued customer treated like they mattered. If that had taken place the order I just placed with your competitor of $11,564.00 dollars would have been yours

Every seedling died. Horrid genetics. This is a very poor seedbank, avoid. You've been warned.

Hello and good morning to everyone

My June 23 2021 letter sums it up.

Robert Lorance
GCS Order #1801388

Hey I may not be doing this in the right place I'm old but the response that growers choice gave me asking for more information display 100% the reason this company appears to have no clue how to do business and I will elaborated I ask that when reading this known only completed the 6th grade and I know better than to do business like this now

Well after my last review on GCS and after trying to work with them and remove the review from here. I am regretful to say that I was a damn fool to think they would fix anything. Stay tuned cause in 17 hrs I'll be posting everything as well as the law firm who will be representing me in the lawsuit.

If you ever feel lost on your cannabis seed collecting journey, you can also check out our blog, which features subjects on a wide range of topics to give you all the knowledge you need for success. Grower’s Choice is the cannabis seed collector’s choice for the best seeds on the market, and they’re part of our vast collection of cannabis seeds for sale.

Their official website offers various strains for purchase, with 34 types of feminized seeds and 20 varieties of autoflowering seeds.

Grower’s Choice offer feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds at an affordable price. We will ship Grower’s Choice marijuana seeds worldwide in secure and discreet packaging. We take a variety of payment methods.

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Upon first starting their venture, the leaders at Grower’s Choice shadowed early industry experts. They learned different techniques about the beloved plant, such as how to tend them and experiment with different strains. They immediately started experimenting on their own and successfully perfected unique variations that were top-tier in quality. By prioritizing the quality of the growth process over the immediate growth of their company, Grower’s Choice quickly became well-known within the market and started producing seeds for a variety of different companies, who were flocking to them like sheep.

After a long duration of providing seeds and products for other companies, Grower’s Choice started to divert their production line to their own brand. After working so hard for so long for others, the team knew they could work just as hard for themselves and build a successful company. By doing this, the talent and knowledge present within Grower’s Choice came full circle. The cycle of experimenting, cultivating, and dispersing cannabis seeds stayed in their hands, from beginning to end product.

As the company grew, they expanded their team with experienced horticulturalists. Grower’s Choice continues to centralize the business around the agriculture of cannabis and what produces the outcome for the plant. As technology advances in the industry, Grower’s Choice remains up to date and focused on how to get the best quality for every kind of seed consumer, making them one of the fastest-growing cannabis seed vendors in Europe!

Find some extraordinary cannabis genetics with the available seeds for sale from Growers Choice. There are many strains available which are popular from places like California. Check out the current cannabis seeds from this breeder below. We take pride in shipping discreetly to most places around the world. Receive genuine strains and cannabis seeds that have been properly stored and preserved.