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chocolope x kush cannabis seeds

Chocolope Kush marijuana is a heavily indica cannabis strain that impresses consumers with its pungent odor of creamy chocolate and unmistakable savory kush. These notes carry over into its flavor, for a delightfully well-rounded smoke that starts by uplifting the mind and mood and culminates in a relaxation that is perfectly conducive to creativity and productivity.

Fragrant and potent (it can feature upwards of 18% THC at its top), Chocolope Kush marijuana is a grade-A medical strain, and in addition to providing relief from conditions like chronic stress and pain, it is known to be an excellent anti-inflammatory.

A pungent aroma and creamy flavor of chocolate characterize Chocolope Kush marijuana, an indica-dominant marijuana seed that is as easy to grow as it is to enjoy.


As far as mythical creatures go, the Jackalope is a southwestern fave. A bit of a play on words, Chocolope Kush marijuana is equally mythical, though you’re much more likely to get your hands on this popular medicinal strain than you are to find an antlered rabbit (that hasn’t been stuffed.)

Producing bushy, stocky plants that tend to be on the shorter side, Chocolope Kush marijuana seeds are standard in their indica genetics, preferring warmth and light to thrive, and a hydroponic set up to really sing (the cleaner the medium, the stronger the taste). Chocolope Kush will also offer an extremely high yield – with flowering done after 7 – 9 weeks, you’re crop can offer around 17-21 ounces per square meter when cultivated indoors, or up to 23 ounces per plant if grown outside. Beginner or master grower – a haul like that makes it worth the effort to get your hands on this mystical marijuana strain!

Chocolope Kush is a combination of our multiple Cannabis cup winning Sativa; Chocolope, and our Indica dominate Hybrid; Kosher Kush. The Kosher Kush has won first place in every Cannabis event it has been entered in, and has been hailed as the strongest of all OG Kush crosses, finishing 7th overall in the strongest strains in the world, published by High Times magazine 2012. These two crosses bring you the best Sativa and Indica available in seed form and blend them in a way you can choose either more Kosher or more Chocolope. Pinching works great with the Chocolope Kush keeping the top from stretching. Even the novice grower can expect above average results from this amazing cross. Are you a Kush freak who likes a little Chocolate?, or a Chocolope lover who wants the strength and flavor of Kush?, Either way this cross has it all! Be the first in your crew to run this instant champion Chocolope Kush. You people have been asking and we have been listening, the Chocolope Kush has arrived. Note: Chocolope has been our top seller for some time now and we constantly struggle to keep her in stock, and we have no reason to think it will be any different with the Chocolope Kush.