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cbd white widow cannabis seeds

CBD White Widow feminized seeds develops into a brilliant marijuana plant with a CBD percentage of 7% and a THC percentage of 14%. CBD White Widow is a crossing of Original White Widow X CBD. This plant is a well balanced strain with 50% Sativa and 50% of Indica and this weed strain will thrive very well in temperate and Mediterranean climates. This marijuana strains is suitable for SOG and SCROG growing methods..

The grow difficulty of the CBD White Widow plant is: beginner, this cannabis specie has a high mold resistance and an average flowering time of 63 days to 70 days (9 weeks to 10 weeks). Growing this excellent strain indoors, it will reach a height of 80 cm to 120 cm and it will yield up to 550 gram per square meter. Growing it outdoors, the CBD White Widow plant height lies between 120 cm to 250 cm and the cannabis plant will yield 500 gram/m2 to 700 gram/m2. The weed of the CBD White Widow inflated buds has the following taste which can be best described as citrus, lemon and spicy. The effects when consuming the CBD White Widow are by many considered as following: creative, happy and relaxed.

It generates plump nuggets coated with glittering white crystals that are sure to attract any cannabis enthusiast’s attention. The whole plant is a lime-green masterpiece highlighted by yellow pistils that turn to a fiery orange as it matures. The branches are thick and firm, able to carry the heavy weight of the buds.

Moreover, it may assist people with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or attention-deficit disorder (ADD) in concentrating on their tasks.

Flowering Time

While the mind is busy with motivational thoughts, your body will also find paradise. Yes, you are still active but not in a hyperactive manner. Instead, you will feel comfortable in your own skin, feeling satisfied that you are getting things done without the need to rush. As you fulfill your tasks one by one, your mind and body loosen up. Afterwards, you can completely destress and surrender to the couch.

There are different ways to determine if the plant is ready for harvest. For this crystal-rich strain, you can check the trichomes. Use a magnifying glass to examine the resin glands, and if the heads are still clear and glassy, the buds have not reached full potency. When they turn milky-white, they are ready to be collected because they have achieved the highest CBD level. You can also look at the pistils. When most of them have darkened and curled up, this is also a sign that the buds are good to go.

Indoors, the Screen of Green (SCROG) method will help maximize CBD White Widow 10:1 Fem’s yield potential. During the vegetative stage, carefully weave the new branches through the screen’s holes. This technique exposes the entire plant to more light and encourages more bud sites to develop. At the same time, the net can help support the colas’ weight. This strain’s foliage can become quite dense, so regular pruning is necessary to ensure better air circulation and prevent moisture-related pathogens from invading the crop.