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CBD is available in in a dizzying array of shapes and styles: lotions, tinctures, capsules, baked goods, coffee—it’s even in pet food. Benefits of CBD oil

How CBD Can Improve Your Performance in the Gym, Outdoors, and in Your Daily Life

In the span of just a few years, CBD has exploded in the wellness world. In seemingly the blink of an eye, it went from, “CBD? That’s weed, right?”, to being featured in bougie supplement shops that look like Apple stores all across the country. Today, CBD is available in in a dizzying array of shapes and styles: lotions, tinctures, capsules, baked goods, coffee—it’s even in pet food. The market is booming and you’ve likely heard anecdotal evidence of CBD in one form or another helping someone with pain relief, recovery, sleep, or stress. Athletes, in particular, are increasingly touting its wonder-like properties.

So, what’s the deal with CBD, and should you be considering it as part of your nutritional, training, or recovery regime?

CBD is a cannabinoid, but not the one that creates the high you associate with inhaling or ingesting marijuana—that’s THC. While full spectrum CBD products will typically contain small amounts of THC, to be legally sold across the U.S., CBD oils must contain less than 0.03%THC, which is well below the necessary amount to produce any psychoactive response. Broad spectrum CBD products and CBD isolates have no detectable THC at all.

The CBD you keep hearing about is derived from hemp plants, not marijuana, and the two cannabinoids are only cousins in the big cannabis family tree. Another member of the family? Beer’s resinous bitter-maker, hops—when you tip back a pint that smells vaguely of weed, that’s because hops, marijuana, and hemp all share aromatic oils called terpenes. So, yes, holidays at the Cannabis house are probably a good time.

But none of that explains CBD’s therapeutic qualities. To get at how it can help with such a long list of issues, you need to understand the concept of homeostasis, or balance between all the body’s systems.

Science discovered a few decades ago that the human body naturally produces cannabinoids, and, in fact, has an entire network within the nervous system called the endocannabinoid system (nice work, Science!). CBD binds to receptors in that system and scientists believe they act as a neurotransmitter. Studies show that CBD supports reduced inflammation, calms nervous reactions to stimuli, reduces anxiety, and prompt healthy brain function. There’s even a CBD-based drug approved by the FDA to treat epileptic seizures.

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So, CBD is powerful, full stop. But what makes it particularly effective for athletes are the aforementioned anti-inflammatory properties.

If you’re a gym rat, Crossfit enthusiast, or just a lover of bodyweight exercises, you’re familiar with the soreness that comes the day after a particularly butt-kicking workout. CBD capsules and whole body treatments, like Elixinol’s Omega Turmeric CBD Capsules, are purposely designed to calm and support aggravated muscles. Adding a dropper of Elixinol’s Daily Balance CBD tincture under the tongue helps balance a tired body.

Overdo it on a run? Calves barking after a tough hike? A daily CBD supplement can help, but get right to the source with a topical like Elixinol’s Sports Gel, which adds capsaicin, and arnica in a gel form that can be quickly and easily absorbed into the skin. Massage into sore muscles to help you relax.

Even if you’re not crushing it in the gym, trail, or pool every week, the daily wear and tear of sitting at desks or working around the house or chasing kids can still be helped by a full spectrum capsule like Elixinol’s Body Comfort CBD Capsules. Loaded with the herbal extract Boswellia for joint health and muscle support, it—like most CBD products—has the additional benefit of easing occasional stress and anxiety, and supporting sleep hygiene.

Gaining the full benefits of CBD requires an understanding of which products work best for your system. But product lines like Elixinol’s offer a variety of combinations and delivery mechanisms to help you identify what works best to improve your performance at the gym, in the outdoors, or just throughout your day-to-day life.

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Benefits of CBD oil

We’re all looking for new ways to stay fit and healthy. Whether your fitness goals are maxing out at the gym or just staying on top of your health, balancing life and exercise can be its own workout.

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CBD oil has recently entered the conversation as a way for people to improve their fitness, but does it work? There’s actually science suggesting that CBD oil can help with everything from stretches for sciatica to helping stop sweaty palms.

Research shows that CBD has physical and psychological benefits for athletes with results that every fitness enthusiast can enjoy.
Staying fit might start at the gym, but how we treat our bodies at home plays a major role in our fitness.

Here are a few surprising ways that CBD oil can help you improve your fitness.

Using CBD Outside the Gym to Improve Your Workout

CBD Is a Sleep Aid (and That Improves Fitness!)

Getting sleep is one of the best things that you can do to improve your fitness. Each night when we get quality sleep, our bodies are actually hard at work. It might not seem like it, but one of the most important aspects of your workout is making sure that your body gets enough sleep.

While we are asleep, our bodies are doing a lot of healing and recovering from previous workouts. This is why you feel ready for leg day after a good night’s sleep, but a rough night sleeping means a rough day at the gym.

CBD oil has been linked to statistically significant improvements in sleep . If your performance in the gym is doing great, but you’re looking for a better way to rest, CBD oil might be what you’re looking for.

Manage Post-Workout Soreness

Everyone knows that hitting the gym means being sore the next day. This is how you know you’re working hard and making progress on your fitness. What if we told you that there was a way that you can still get those gains, but make sure your soreness is in check?

There’s new research that shows that CBD oil can be used to effectively manage chronic pain and muscle soreness. This positions CBD oil as a natural supplement for workout routines that can help make your recovery easier and faster.

CBD’s Anti-Inflammatory Properties and Fitness

CBD has been linked to recovery and performance benefits for fitness. CBD reduces inflammation which is at the core of recovery. Inflammation means stiff joints and a greater risk of injury.

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CBD oil lowers inflammation and can even ease you into exercises like stretches for sciatica which improve your recovery.

Inflammation is increasingly linked to a variety of health concerns. Even if it’s just making your recovery slower, it can hold back your performance and make achieving your fitness goals that much more challenging.

Can CBD Help You During a Workout?

The benefits that you can get from CBD aren’t just during recovery. There are actually a few clever ways that you can use CBD to help you while you’re at the gym.

Gym Anxiety

Anxiety can prevent us from making the most of our time in the gym. Reducing anxiety helps you stop sweaty palms from ruining your lifts to give you the confidence you need to work out around other people.

Anxiety could be a mild problem that prevents us from reaching our fitness goals or it can be a serious obstacle in our personal health. Treating and managing anxiety can also be quite challenging, but there is new research that suggests that CBD oil can be a source of anxiety relief .

We all know that there’s plenty of research showing that regular exercise helps improve your mental health, but there’s also research showing that the conversation is much more complicated. The relationship between anxiety, mental health and fitness is all about overcoming initial anxiety to get physical and mental health benefits down the road. CBD oil can lower anxiety and give you the confidence boost you’ve been looking for, so you can get to the gym without worrying about managing gym anxiety.

What’s Next for CBD and Fitness?

Your fitness is one of the most important aspects of your life. As the research around CBD and personal well-being continues to grow, we’re expecting to see CBD oil play a more important role in mental and physical health.

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