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Dog ear infection treatment can be frustrating and difficult. However there are plant-based meds like CBD that can help. Ear infections is one of the most common issues in dogs. And, there are natural ways, like CBD, to treat your dogs ear infections.

Dog Ear Infection: Treatment and Main Symptoms

Dog ear infections tend to happen a lot, no matter the breed. We understand that finding ways to alleviate and treat your dog’s ear infection is important to pet parents. This is why we want to introduce you to CBD oil for ear infections in dogs.

Pawt4Paws can help with your dog ear infection treatment via a range of CBD oil pet products. Knowing the causes and combatting the infection is important – and we’re here to help!

Causes of Dog Ear Infections

Although floppy-eared dogs are known to have ear infections more frequently, it is a common concern among many dogs. This can be the result of a variety of things, including but not limited to:

  • Yeast
  • Allergies
  • Ear Mites
  • Compromised Immune System
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Hormone Changes
  • Bacteria

Dog ear infection drops are often the go-to for pet owners, but CBD oil as a dog ear infection treatment has really grown in popularity. Without the side effects of other common treatments, it’s understandable why this is a growing trend.

Symptoms of Dog Ear Infections

Before treating your dog, it is advisable to visit a vet who supports holistic treatments. If your dog has frequent or recurring ear infections, finding the core cause of the problem is important before giving them any form of treatment.

Common signs of infection can appear as:

  • Itchy ears
  • Pawing at ears
  • Head tilting
  • Hearing loss
  • Frequent Vomiting
  • …and a strange but true one – walking in circles

Although these do not encompass all of the ways your dog might be reacting to their ear infection, these are some of the ways that may prompt you to take the next step and head to the vet.

The most common prescriptions they usually offer are – corticosteroids, antibacterial drugs, or a combination of antibacterial and antiparasitic type topical product.

CBD Oil as a Treatment Option

At Pawt4Paws, we offer a wide variety of CBD Oil for Ear Infections in Dogs. There are various doses available depending on the size of your dog, so it is important to pay attention to that when ordering.

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In addition, it is important to know how to administer dog ear infection drops, which is why we recommend seeing your vet first. Be sure to ask them about coconut oil as well, which is an antifungal that delivers additional healing powers when combined with CBD.

CBD for ear infections may be beneficial to dogs, and untreated infections can actually lead to quite serious concerns, including deafness and facial paralysis.

Serious concerns aside, your dog’s ear infections will also have the feeling everything from mildly uncomfortable to severe pain. That alone makes finding a dog ear infection treatment highly important.

Our mid-sized dog CBD oil comes in a 500 mg strength bottle and is designed to help improve their health and quality of life. Whether to relieve stress and anxiety, help to fight inflammation, reduce vomiting and nausea, as well as arthritis and joint pain; there are endless uses and benefits to CBD oil for dogs.

Also, because ours is already made with MCT organic coconut oil, it will deliver on the aforementioned antifungal qualities. This blend is the most effective way for the body to absorb the CBD. MCT organic coconut oil and CBD is unscented and can help your pet live pain-free, happy and healthy!

The Benefits of CBD Oil

If your dog is suffering from the pain that comes with an ear infection, the benefit of our CBD oil treatment is, firstly – relief.

Dog ear infection treatments through cannabidiol is a great combination treatment for your pet. These THC-free products have been proven to offer effective relief of pain as well as reduce inflammatory concerns. Making it a popular product among pet parents for more reasons than just its healing properties.

It should also be mentioned that cannabidiol comes from the cannabis plant and does not deliver a “high” like pot plants. In fact, legally, CBD oil can only contain 0.3 percent or less THC in the product. It is a holistic way to create healthy pets and happy pet parents, free of side effects often found in pharmaceuticals.

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Curious to know more about our CBD oil as a dog ear infection treatment? Find a full list of our CBD for Dogs here. Or, if you have additional questions – contact us via email [email protected], phone 1-888-898-9080, Facebook, Instagram or our contact us page.

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Doggy Ear Infections – Can CBD Help?

Dogs and young kids are alike in many ways. They both fill your heart to the point where you think it might burst, they both make loud noises at inconvenient times, and they both get ear infections a LOT.

Your dog’s ear infection can have a few different causes, and determining the cause is important in choosing the right treatment. Ear infections can be caused by:

  • Bacteria
  • Hormone changes or imbalances
  • Yeast
  • Allergies
  • Ear mites
  • Immune system issues, which can start in the gut

You should visit your holistic vet if your dog is having frequent, recurrent ear infections to find the root cause of the problem. In addition to the causes above, there are times where your dog may have something lodged into his or her ear canal whether it’s wax or some type of foreign object.

Symptoms of ear infections

Like in people, ear infections can cause a range of symptoms in dogs. The main symptoms are:

  • Itchy, irritated ears
  • Tilting the head to one side
  • Pain when opening the mouth wide
  • Hearing loss
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Walking in circles

These are not the only symptoms of ear infection in dogs, but they are the most common. Pain can be added to the most common symptoms. That’s why tilting her head to one side, or shaking their head, is commonly observed.

You may not be able to tell if the ears are red or swollen inside. But, if the infection is severe you may smell it. If your dog is exhibiting behaviors that are unusual, you should contact your holistic vet. Ear infections aren’t generally a life-threatening issue, but loss of hearing is a possibility if the infection becomes severe for a period of time.

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Holistic Options

If your goal is to treat ear infections without needing a prescription antibiotic, you have a few options including colloidal silver, apple cider vinegar, and CBD.

Colloidal silver is antibacterial and antifungal. These characteristics can clean the ears and keep them clean. And, help kill the bacteria causing the ear infections. Colloidal silver can be used orally or rubbed into the ears.

Apple cider vinegar possesses antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties which may be useful to treat ear infections. Like colloidal silver, apple cider vinegar is ingested by putting a few drops into water, or can be applied topically to the ears by mixing with a 50/50 water solution.

Coconut oil is another great option to treat ear infections because it works as an antifungal. When combined with CBD, which works as an anti-inflammatory, coconut oil can help treat ear infections when ingested. CBD Dog Health CALM and EASE CBD oil for dogs contains coconut oil and CBD and can be an effective ear infection treatment.

Prevent Ear Infections in Dog

Preventing ear infections is important, but it may take a bit of experimenting to find the cause. Often, ear infections caused by allergies start with gut health. Highly processed foods, over-vaccination, and chronic stress can impact gut health, which can cause ear infections as well. Ensuring you are cleaning your dog’s ears on a regular basis is also important. Your veterinarian, or potentially your groomer, could explain how to properly clean your dog’s ears. Generally, your dog’s ears must be cleaned once or twice per week.

You shouldn’t remove any fur from your dog’s ears unless instructed by your veterinarian because it could lead to inflammation. If the hair isn’t causing an issue, it must be removed properly by a professional.

As with any new treatment, talk to your holistic vet about the best option for your specific dog’s needs.

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