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carmen 2.0 cannabis seeds

Depression, Fatigue, Stress and Anxiety, ADD and ADHD, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Headaches and Migraines, and even Seizures are all reported to be effectively dealt-with through regular doses of Carmen 2.0 Fem. With a resume like this, attributable in part to the CBD content, Carmen 2.0 Fem strain is likely able to deal with many more ailments. It may also be found to be a useful component in various preventative therapies, such as easing lung-damage and halting the growth of certain types of cancer cells. The future of medical cannabis looks great, but much research remains still to be done.

When you want the medicinal effects of Carmen 2.0 with a bit more of a kick, trust the piney wonder of Carmen x Durban Poison Fem, though beware, she can hit 9 feet tall!

A dreamy lovechild of Blueback, Maple Leaf Indica and White Rhino, Cream Caramel Fem hails from a hat-trick of award-winners and boasts a flavor profile as assorted as your favorite box of chocolates. She will sort you out, focus you up, and get you ready for a bit of inner work before bed.


Try your hand at Auto Cream Candy Fem, an Indica-heavy (90%), autoflowering delight. Enjoy as her vanilla and pineapple tones lull you into a deep sleep, free of all physical concerns.

Being a relatively quick-flowering strain, Carmen 2.0 Fem will provide you with a harvest of between 300 and 350 grams per square meter in about 6-8 weeks for your indoor grow. For those outdoor garden-harvesters, get ready for an October yield on the heavy end of the same weight range.

No nick-names to date, but something starting with ‘The’ might be nice. see what you can come up with. the soothing effects and fruity atmosphere must contain something special!

Though hydroponic setups will give you somewhat larger yields, they tend to take away from the rich terpene profile of the plant, and in the case of Carmen 2.0 Fem, that would be a travesty. Give these lovely marijuana seeds some healthy soil and some balanced, organic feed and ensure a rich flavor and fragrance profile, certain to excite the senses.

Carmen 2 has gained significant clout in the medicinal arena. When you buy Female Carmen 2.0 online from Weed Seeds you are well on your way to experiencing many medicinal benefits. The physical side of this strain offers significant relaxation and physical calm. With Carmen 2 0 Fem, arthritis, chronic pain, and migraines can be eased after a few tokes. The analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties in this strain are strong and can offer significant relief for many conditions. The mind-clearing calm that comes over you after toking helps rid your mind of negativity. The relaxed calm can work wonders for reducing stress levels. Anxiety has become more prevalent over the years and the effects are detrimental. When used responsibly, cannabis can help treat anxiety disorders or just help you relax and get a good night’s sleep Thankfully these High THC% Seeds can offer relief after 7-9 weeks of flowering.

Known for its ease of growth, this small to medium-sized plant can thrive outdoors as well as indoors. It will flower indoors for 7-9 weeks and produce 280-340g/m2 of sticky buds. When you take it to the great outdoors, it grows much larger in the garden. The increased size of the plant can yield 350g per plant. When outdoors it loves the sun so choose an area that does not give too much shade. Just as the Halloween decorations start to pop up in the first week of October will be the time to pluck the pretty buds for your stash. Choosing a medium for this plant will come down to preference. It does well in soil and hydroponics. Using organic soil can help develop the strongest terpene profile for this and many other strains. Another matter that comes down to preference but is crucial is germination. Some drop the seed in water and let it sprout, others plant directly in the soil and many prefer the paper towel method. Simply moisten paper towels and place them upon plates. Using tweezers, put the seed or seeds between the towels. Be sure they are moist but not sopping wet. Use 2 plates to create a dome effect and allow 1-7 days for the tail to sprout. Once it does, gently transfer it to its next home for the home grown process to begin. These methods of germination work well for Carmen X Durban Poison Fem, Bruce Banner X Carmen Fem, and Carmen 2.0!

Effects of Carmen 2

The 15% THC content is unlikely to knock the socks off experienced recreational smokers but is more than enough to get the job done. An uplifting cerebral buzz will be present after a puff and a surreal calm will come over you as though you’ve spent the day at a wellness retreat. Tensions and pain caused by inflammation will be eased off with the anti-inflammatory properties of this strain. It will allow you to remain mobile, but a clear plan would be a good idea due to the level of calm and relaxation that will come over you. Sufferers from physical pain or mental anguish will find relief with this strain, most notably arthritis, migraines, inflammation, stress, and anxiety.

The original Carmen strain had been highly sought-after in medicinal and recreational communities. The revamped Carmen Two brings all of those same outstanding qualities like 15% THC levels plus a little extra oomph. Buy Female Carmen #2 online from Weed Seeds when you want a seed that is relatively easy to grow and 7-9 week flowering times. This strain can bring a level of calm and relaxation that mimics a pair of Bose noise-canceling headphones when surrounded by agitated toddlers. The fruity and citrus flavor profile is worth the price of admission. A grow operation that has Carmen 2.0 in it allows the opportunity to grow higher maintenance strains without the additional workload. Marijuana enthusiasts are going head over heels for the anti-inflammatory properties of this strain. Be sure to grab your own pack of seeds before the rush comes in at Weed Seeds.

Carmen 2.0 Feminized is a versatile plant that is easy to grow at home. It thrives indoors and outdoors but many cultivators choose to head inside with these ganja seeds for total control over the conditions. When you grow from seed indoors you can mimic the ideal environment to optimize your quality and quantity of buds. This small to medium-sized shrub is perfect for the Sea of Green (SOG) setup. SOG refers to shortening the vegetative phase by switching to a 12-12 lighting schedule. This induces flowering sooner and keeps the plant smaller. In traditional SOG setups, there would be plants wall to wall to maximize your harvest. If this is your plan, then buy some bulk seeds from Weed Seeds for the absolute best price per seed.