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cannatonic cannabis seeds

I love this weed! It’s the perfect mix between THC and CBD. I’m a medical mj user and this particular strain helps me with pain and nausea while also giving me a strong buzz. This is literally the most perfectly balanced weed I have ever smoked! Online ordering with Pacific was easy and fast, and my plants grew very well in my basement, though did require a fair amount of TLC. That’s okay, I love caring for weed plants and found the results to be well worth the wait. Highly recommend for medical users like myself.

My husband has back spasms and has tried a lot of over-the-counter things for it. We started with the medical marijuana in 2017 and he says it’s the best thing for it. (Actually, I smoke some too cuz I like the feeling!) This strain is about the best one we’ve found. Not too strong, so he doesn’t get all fuzzy and wiped out. I’m happy to be able to order online and will be placing another order from this company soon.


Cannatonic definitely lives up to its name, makes me really sleepy and relaxed and even a little bit hungry too. I usually don’t smoke this during the day…it’s a powerful indica that’s best for late-night use and TV watching. I smoke it to help me with my back pain and stress and also to just help me sleep. I feel much more relaxed these days and sleep a lot better!

I’m more about the CBD than THC world as I have a mild case of Parkinson’s and require medical marijuana to help with the pain associated with my condition. I ordered online and my brother was kind enough to cultivate for me and harvest it right in our own backyard! I take small amounts of the Cannatonic throughout the day and have found significant improvement in physical functioning. Also I am a fan of the citrusy smell! Nice to have around the house.

This perfectly engineered hybrid is unique in that it contains low levels of THC (12%) and high levels of CBD (12%), delivering a long-lasting and potent psychoactive high can have many medical applications. Ideal for patients suffering from pain, muscle spasms and other physiological and psychological symptoms, Cannatonic marijuana’s higher levels of CBD have made it a popular candidate for illnesses that are resistant to conventional treatments, like epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

This strain truly unlocks the best medical benefits cannabis has to offer. How does Cannatonic accomplish this? By providing relieving power without the user falling victim to psychoactive dramatics. THC heavy plants can send the user into a trance at times. However, this strain features a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio. This provides a deep body buzz that lulls patients into a state of relaxed euphoria.

Cannatonic has a wide variety of terpenes that contribute to the “entourage effect”. This is where natural ingredients work together to enhance potency. The Cannatonic high, or nature’s ibuprofen, help those suffering from chronic pain who still need to function. Additionally, the active terpene B-Caryophyllene works as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, cancer inhibitor, and surprisingly reduces cravings for alcohol in addicts.

Resin Seeds believes in the medicinal properties of marijuana and wants to showcase them in most of their strains. The world agrees, with this strain winning tons of awards. Cannatonic or a close variation of it has placed in THIRTEEN different competitions around the world. Ten of those finishes happened to be first place, making this one of the most successful medical variations of cannabis on the planet.

Popularity and Awards

Cannatonic is known as the CBD Queen of cannabis. It’s a hybrid from Spain’s Resin Seeds, which started their first dispensary in Barcelona with this bud being its centerpiece. While Spain isn’t a heavy hitter in the cannabis community, this is one of its gems. This strain burst onto the scene around 2008 and broke ground in a new way by introducing one of the first high-CBD cannabis strains ever. The cross between MK Ultra and G13 Haze is to thank for this award-winning variety.

Bred from award-winning genetics, MSNL’s Cannatonic feminized seeds are a medical phenomenon. This version boast of having 8% THC and 8%+ CBD, making it more balanced than most. The indica dominance of this hybrid variation helps growers achieve success much easier. These buds are great for waxes or cannabutter, allowing users to create their own medicine and method of intake.

When it comes to appearance, large fluffy buds are painted with a variation of terpenes that gives them a nice white coating. After first look, the smells of sweet herbal and skunky tones creep into your nostrils to tell a story. Finally, this variation features a lovely smooth and balanced flavor profile that consists of an earthy taste with undertones of skunk and pine.

Want to add diversity to your garden? Grow some cannabis that is sure to impress those who haven’t enjoyed the wonders of a potent CBD heavy flower.