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cannabis stressed wiyh nanners polinated itself are seeds good

Nice to have your thoughts and experience on this interesting characteristic, Cheers.

1) No, I have and no personal experience with hermies or seeds in my buds (yet) so I am just essentially telling you what I have picked up from scouring other people’s issues on the forums over the last few years combined with my own common sense obviously. I do not believe nanners will completely ruin anything & if I did get them on one of my plants I would be bummed for sure but I would do exactly what you did and just try to pick as many as I could find before they matured.


Hey all,
This grow might be a journal, I’ve documented it well and had my fair share of set backs and obstacles that’s for sure.
Recently, after a res exchange and clean I must have bumped my tent into one of my light timers and it was unfortunately stuck ON for about 5 days before I noticed. This is in about week 8 of flower by the way, needless to say she got a bit upset about this and threw out some nanners. I’m not overly upset about this as I’ve never seem them before and I found it very interesting at least. After about a week I decided to pluck the ones I could see, my guess is she threw about 20-30 nanners and I know I haven’t got them all.. My understanding of what a nanner is, is the u protected stanem of the male flower.. That is the part which produces and holds the pollen.. Although one could argue that there is no pollen evident and even upon Inspection with a microscope I was unable to see any pollen on the nanners that I plucked of varying ages. Anyone have some more info on that?
Some reports out there do state that there is a chance your nanners will be sterile and not pollinate your buds, other reports instruct people to put their entire plant into a fire/trash which I personally think is ludicrous.
I’m keeping her going, she’s only 3 weeks away from harvest and I really cannot see any evidence of seeds. My questions are:
1) Have you developed seeds from nanners? If so how severe was it and did it really ruin your plant?
2) how do you tell if a seed is developing inside a calyx?
3) stress is not coppied and passed through genetics so, I presume these seeds would be healthy and feminised and unlikely to throw nanners if grown in ideal conditions.

Nice to have your thoughts and experience on this interesting characteristic, Cheers.

2) Besides the calyx becoming more swelled or the actual visibility of the seeds themselves it is almost impossible to tell a bud that has a seed (or multiple seeds) in it from a bud that does not. You need to be attuned to the more subtle signals of calyx swelling and maybe comparing calyxes that seem more swelled on one flower to another calyx on a different flower might be a good help in indicating whether or not a particular flower/calyx has a seed. Also, if your flowers seems abnormally heavy that could be another little indicator, but even with my experience in smoking & handling buds with seeds inside them – it is tough to tell! If you are trying to rely on visual indicators be aware that when seeds begin growing they are not brown but green because they are immature, so they’ll likely blend in well and be tough to spot.

Seed Banks & Breeders

Hermies can be caused by many things, including…

Many growers believe that feminized seeds can cause hermies, and there is some truth to that. In order to create a feminized seed, one of the parent female plants had to be forced in some way to produce pollen.

If the breeder hasn’t tested their strains extensively in many situations, they won’t know whether their seeds tend to hermie or not. If they have carelessly bred plants that have a tendency to herm, then it’s really likely that at least some of the resulting seeds will have the same problem.

So if you do choose to purchase feminized seeds (or any seeds really), please make sure you get them from a trusted breeder!

On the flip side, I’ve heard of growers buying feminized seeds from untrustworthy breeders and having a big portion of their seeds turn male or become hermies even in perfect growing conditions. So there is truth to the fact that you can run into hermie problems with feminized seeds.

Another type of hermie: a yellow “banana” can appear in your buds and make pollen. This male flower part would normally be inside a pollen sac. When it’s in the open like this, it becomes a little pollen generator.