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cannabis seeds vancouver island

JOTI passion for breeding the finest quality weed seeds continues and our strains now appear in many reputable marijuana seed bank catalogs. We are BC Canada based breeder who sow amazing Cannabis seeds.

Accept no substitutes, Jordan of the Island is the proprietor of the authentic sticky, stanky, couch-locking, God Bud phenotype. Growers continued desire to buy our God Bud marijuana seeds has made it a backbone of many of my newly available genetics.

JOTI has been rewarded numerous times;

JOTI is dedicated to creating original, flavorful, aromatic, powerful, and most importantly the best yielding types of marijuana. Our pot seeds have excellent germination rates and create healthy, sturdy, and best, bug resistant plants that are easy for you to enjoy.

We’ve been breeding marijuana seeds for over 20 years and originally had our popular cannabis seeds stocked by Marc Emery Seeds Direct.

Jordan of the Islands is located on beautiful Vancouver Island, which is blessed with some of the finest conditions imaginable to produce and breed the top marijuana strains.

Since 1992 our goal is to create the best types of marijuana strains for both connoisseur and medical patients alike.

Vancouver Island, BC has the best climate in the entire world for growing cannabis seeds. All strains can be acclimatized on Vacouver Island including tropical sativa strains, as well as mountainous Alpine strains. So, it’s the best place to breed marijuana seeds to export internationally and domestically.

Vancouver BC has the best weather for marijuana seed production. The best breeders come from Vancouver Island because that’s where we have been raised since birth, away from the fuzz and natually protected in isolation off the main land.

Canada is world famous for growing some of the best cannabis strains in the world using the latest grow technology.

Best Climate Make The Best Seed

Vancouver Island Seeds is happy to supply our world famous premium cannabis seeds globally.

Our ancestors have been breeding cannabis on Vacouver Island for many generations.

Get high quality seeds from the best Vancouver Island seed bank. With our breeder connections, you’ll find over a hundred of the best cannabis genetics, delivered around the world.

We use the latest cutting edge technology to grow the best Vancouver Island Seeds. Canada is the leader for advanced cannabis growing techniques. So when you’re choosing your Canadian weed seeds, make sure you get the best from us and grow right, right form the start.