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cannabis seeds ukraine

In our country and abroad seeds of hemp are bought for both medical purposes and for the purpose of an unusual presentation. But what a present without the original branded packaging?

Years of experience

The weight of the hemp seed is very small. Therefore, approximately 1,000 seeds of marijuana have an average weight of 25 grams. In ancient times, using hemp seedlings, people learned to treat a lot of stomach disorders, including gastrointestinal tract disorders. Exposure to seeds of hemp can act as an excellent laxative, thereby completely clearing and restoring all affected areas of the digestive tract.


Features of Hemp

Sale of seeds of cannabis in Ukraine

You can order seeds in our shop, and associate them as a souvenir, which will always remind you of us.

Sale, purchase of hemp seeds throughout the territory of Ukraine is allowed, as they do not contain the narcotic components (TGK KDB) which are prohibited by law.

Acquired seeds can only be used for legal purposes. We remind you that their germination is prohibited.
The information is intended for visitors over 18 years of age and for educational purposes.

Bob Marley does not promote the use of cannabis and other psychotropic substances.
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Autoflowering seeds of marijuana – how to grow?

Now, an assortment of Dinafem seeds comes to Ukraine to delight any kind of grower. Those who prefer Indica dominance will enjoy famous strains such as White Widow (the queen of Dutch ‘coffee shops’ in the 90’s), White Siberian (perfect for those seeking robust varieties that produce dense and compact buds) or Shark Attack (a cannabis hybrid with huge medicinal virtues). In contrast, those passionate for Sativa may choose, for example, Strawberry Amnesia (with strong and fruity taste and aroma) Moby Dick (a worshipped strain due to its outstanding genetics) or Diesel (a complex and exotic strain with exceptional organoleptic qualities). A variety for every taste.

Now that Dinafem seeds are much more present in Ukraine, the owner of Cannaseeds, Denys, tells us what the situation of marijuana is in the country and what is legal and what is not for cannabis lovers.

The status of cannabis in Ukraine

Because of these strict laws, cannabis culture in Ukraine has kept a low profile. As Denys explains to us, “people who want to smoke or plant can do so if they are discreet and don’t tell anyone,” he explains. This is, for now, the only available option.

Of course, as he explains, “seeds are absolutely legal” in the country, so anyone wishing to take a look at the website and buy any variety will do so within the maximum respect for the law. In fact, this product is just as legal as any tomato or wheat seed, and it is not in the list of cannabis-related products that are not allowed to be marketed. Remember, however, that these seeds “are sold only as ‘souvenirs’ and not to be used for any usage punishable by law.”

Dinafem’s distribution network has expanded a little more and now the seeds of our bank, which have been thoroughly developed paying attention to every detail, are now accessible to Ukrainians interested in cannabis. Cannaseeds online store is now our official distributor in the country, offering a wide range of our seeds for all tastes.