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cannabis seeds to usa forum

Sensible Seeds is a very reliable seed bank. I’ve never had any issues with them. From the UK to my door in Portland in under a week. Very fast shipping with a tracking number. Huge selection as well. They might have the largest selection out of all the seed banks. Lots of freebies and promotions.

Seedsman was good. First order got lost and they sent a full replacement order.

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Barneys Farm Seeds LSD
Feminized Cannabis Seeds – 05 seeds
Barneys Farm Seeds Gorilla Zkittlez
Feminized Cannabis Seeds – 05 seeds
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Feminized Cannabis Seeds – 05 seeds
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Feminized Cannabis Seeds – 05 seeds
FEMINIZED UFO #1 G13 Labs Seeds Midnight Kush

I’ve never been ripped off by Seedsman and I’ve grown some of Barneys Farm stuff and all the seeds popped. Potency was fine. Who’s telling you this stuff? In the cutthroat world of selling seeds much of what you hear is from competitors trying to discredit their competition. I’ve noticed several accounts on this forum that were obviously created just for that purpose.

Took a few weeks to show up from the other side of the world.

All of this is a long winded way of saying: Yes, higher THC levels TYPICALLY mean a higher high, but there are a bunch of other factors to consider when you buy marijuana seeds.

Indoor plants offer a unique set of challenges, however it’s fair easier to protect them from pests and disease. Indoor growing lets you grow a far wider range of plants than you’d normally be able to, as climate can be customized and easily controlled.


There is a slight, and pervasive misconception about THC levels. Many people equate higher THC levels with higher highs. While that may be partially true, it’s not ALWAYS the case.

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