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cannabis seeds the wife

With a terpene profile that stands out amongst the rest, the Wife is primarily a sativa dominant plant with Indica dominant leaf structure. It grows a thick stock with small lateral branches, producing a mid to heavy yielding flower.

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Average CBD-A: 10% – 14%
THC: < 0.3% *
Ratio CBD/THC: 38:1
Maturity Week: 7 to 8 weeks
Average Dry Yield: 2 lbs

* Cannabinoid profiles can vary based on a number of factors such as (but not limited to) environment, farming techniques, and harvest date.

Flowering Time: 8 weeks

Yield: High

CBD: 15 to 19%

Hemp CBD Seeds Trophy Wife (AKA The Wife) Feminized

Trophy Wife averaged 2000 pounds per acre in Colorado 2017..

THC: 0.3%

Outdoor Harvest: Early October

Type: Unknown

All of this contributes to effects that are acutely powerful. And you can bring that out with our cultivation tips.

The Wife’s terpene and CBD potency depend on proper climate control and harvest techniques. Fortuna offers consultation services if you need guidance for optimizing your grow of The Wife. Our extensive experience and commitment to quality hemp means you’re on your way to abundant yields when you reach out.

Known as a highly relaxing strain, it can provide subtle changes like euphoria, acute focus, and an energy boost if you’re sensitive enough. This may not be best for those seeking a productivity strain, but it’s a solid choice for winding down and feeling more chipper.

The Best of Wife S1 x Cherry Wine

Cherry Wine is the offspring of The Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries, thus its intense cherry aroma, sprinkled with undertones of pine, skunk and black pepper. Clearly, this parent brings out the spectrum of fruitiness that delights many with The Wife. Clearly, the terpenes are especially potent.

The common method for consuming The Wife is via smoking or vaping the flower. Given the exquisite terpene profile, dry herb vaping allows you to maximize not just taste, but also your experience with its effects.

It pulls from its parents a quick flowering time, fluffy small and vivacious buds with potent CBD and stimulating terpene profile that can’t be denied.

Buds grow dense and vary from small to medium. When grown from female hemp seeds, plants should produce little to no seeds.