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cannabis seeds that do well in the pnw

It is important to realize, that we have painted a very general picture of northern climates here, and that conditions obviously vary between different geographical locations. Hence, it is really important you understand your local climate and how to prepare for it before beginning your grow op.

“Northern climate” is a term that loosely refers to any climate of the northern hemisphere. These conditions are very generalised by cold winters and relatively cool summers, but obviously vary between different parts of the northern hemisphere.

Looking for reliable strains that can handle the colder and shorter growing season of northern environments? Look no further; we’ve got you covered with these five fast and furious indicas.


One of the biggest concerns for growing in the north are cold weather and frost, both of which can have detrimental effects on the development of cannabis plants. While indicas are generally thought to be a bit better prepared for these conditions due to their origins (mountainous regions of India and Nepal), they still suffer in cold or frosty conditions.

Regular cannabis depends on its photoperiod for flowering, and is also seasonal. That means, that northern growers will usually germinate seeds between April and May and collect their harvests between October and November.

Growing in the northern hemisphere can be challenging, especially in some areas of Europe where conditions can be cold, wet, and even frosty.

Before we begin looking at individual strains, it’s important, that we understand the northern climate and what grow conditions we’re dealing with.

cool ya i have a card and thanks for the knowledge. im not too worried about choppers lookin for my crops because they are gonna be amongst trees but you make a good point about the mold. maybe a more appropriate way to grow would be veg outside in pots instead of straight planting into earth, and then finish indoor under lights.

Sorry for the tangent and off subject banter but hope the meat of the points helped ya, and everything I say is merely my opinion you could get lucky

brother unless you have a greenhouse and can use supplemental lighting in most parts of washington and northern oregon outdoor buds are what I call "hash materials" due the the PNW’s incredibly high humidity during certain parts of the year due to the massive rainfall and just all around lack of good extended sunlight that more southern states use such as california, holy crap those mendecino growers can make some nice colas! But in the PNW unless you have a ruderalis and can expose the sucker so it gets as much sun as possible during the brightest point of the year or have a greenhouse outdoor in the pnw is best suited for hashish, in my humble opinion. Some years are better than others though. But whatever you go for make SURE it is resistant to molds. Mold/mildew is an incredibly common outdoor issue in the PNW. Last year just from the patients I know of there was approximately 20-25 lb’s of cannabis lost last year when all their outdoor grow sites got mold and had to be early harvested to get something before the mold got the rest of them (have a lot of info about medical cannabis and mold but the basic’s are "NO!" any medical patient under your care should NEVER be exposed to a molded product and especially not given any to consume. Many medical patients have very complicated lung conditions and or mold allergy’s) a hard fog hit last year with a strange cold snap and a hard rain to follow with a few days of warm weather perfectly warm enough for mold to propogate like it was incubated! It was horrible. so many patients I know had struggles last year because it can be difficult to grow medicinal grade outdoor’s in the pnw without a greenhouse.


I just think there has gotta be someone out there who knows whats up and has bred a strain for PNW. im definately working on it but did all the serious outdoor farmers just move south to cali? i think i just need some ruderalis genetics to add to the mix

Also if you are in the "middle" of licensing and don’t have any legal reason to be growing (I grow medicine I keep a mindset that everyone else here is too if not well just don’t tell me that please.) I would then reccomend a ruderalis for a BIG reason. Do you know how many MILLION’s they spend on choppers and such to find your crop each year in washington and oregon? way too much my god the taxpayer’s should rise in arms with outrage. And with gadhafi making fuel for chopper’s even more expensive I fear what the state costs will be for them this year. Damn tangent’s all stoned.

The "auto" Iranian has no ruderalis in it so it is cloanable if the mother is left on a 24 hour light regime.
An excellent cross of it to Doc’s G13 increases the yield big time but loses it’s auto trait, still can finish before September though.
DR GREENTHUMB Irainan G13 anyone try it? (sold out BTW)
IRANIAN AUTO FLWR(drgreenthumb) & THE ULTIMATE(dutchpassion)