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Strain Hunters is a brand of the famous Greenhouse Seed Company from Amsterdam. Strain Hunters is specialized in discovering new genetics. For this they travel around the world. The journeys are partly documented in spectacular videos.

The head breeder and "Strain Hunter" Franco Loja died of a malaria infection while searching for new genetics. Since then no new varieties have been developed.

Strain Hunters Seedbank genetics are vital, stable and very productive. One of the most popular varieties is Money Maker. But also their Green Crack x OG Kush cross Flowerbomb Kush gives fantastic results. Just like Greenhouse Seeds, Strain Hunters stands for high quality and reliable harvests, but with a touch of adventure! For some time now there has been a Strain Hunters Cannabis Social Club in Barcelona where all varieties can be tasted.


The combination of Green Crack x OG Kush, Flowerbomb Kush is an indica dominant powerhouse with multiple awards under her belt. She is highly productive and able to produce her yields after just 8 weeks of flowering. This combines with strong resilience during growth and some highly resinous bud when it comes to harvest! In terms of yields, Flowerbomb Kush can grow up to 800g/m² indoors (under a 1000w light) or up to 1kg/plant outdoors under optimal conditions. The high she produces is almost narcotic, transporting the mind and body into the depth of relaxation.

Afgooey was formerly only available as clone, but the Strain Hunters now offer her in seed form, so now you can grow this highly productive variety in your garden, grow-room or greenhouse. Afgooey is a short and bushy plant with an average internodal distance of under 5cm that delivers a very potent product. Reared in a hydroponic system she can yield 900g/m².

Flowerbomb Kush

Strain Hunter’s cannabis seeds are available in quantities of 3, in both feminized and autoflowering varieties here at Zamnesia.


Skunk Autoflowering is a classic Skunk, but with a new livery. The guys at Strain Hunters crossed it with a pure Ruderalis from Kazakhstan and the outcome is an autoflowering strain with an outstanding productivity. Under a 1000W lamp and fed well it is possible to achieve a yield of up to 800g/m²! The robust plants reach a height of 90-120cm.

Although they have a wide variety of seeds to offer, Money Maker, White Lemon, Damnesia, and Flowerbomb Kush are fine examples of their work, and well worth a look at!

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