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cannabis seeds sprouted but won’t grow

Just like food, seeds are living organisms that need to be stored properly, otherwise they’ll degrade, die, or won’t germinate. When storing your seeds, keep them away from light, extreme temperatures, and humidity. A dark cupboard with stable temperatures is fine. For long-term storage, place seeds in a sealed container and store them in the fridge.

Solution: Only plant your seeds in a sterilised (i.e. new) potting mix as this won’t contain these harmful organisms. But your substrate isn’t the only thing you need to keep an eye on. You’ll also need to make sure your containers are clean, as these can also carry mould and other harmful pathogens. If you encounter fungus problems when you’re germinating, it is best to get rid of the seed and the contaminated growing medium and start over.


When planting directly into the soil, don’t bury your seeds too deep. If they’re too far down, they won’t have access to enough oxygen, and moisture in the soil can overpower them and cause them to rot.

To get your grow off to a great start, sourcing quality cannabis seeds is the best thing you can do. Not only will your germination rates be better, but your plants will also grow healthier with better yields at harvest time.

While tap water may be okay for more mature cannabis plants, it can be a problem for seeds and seedlings. Tap water contains chlorine, fluoride, and salts that can be detrimental to healthy growth and may even prevent seeds from sprouting altogether.

They sprouted, they are alive, but they just aren’t growing!! Just like with germination, different seeds have different needs.

Use a grow light in addition to your sunny window to ensure the optimum daylight length of 15-18 hours.

My seeds sprout and then die!

Did you use new potting soil? or re-use the old stuff? It sounds like you are in a cycle that repeats itself so….. something in your method needs to change, eh? Sending more seeds is the only thing a seed co. can do, and kudos to whomever it is, but they can’t solve your problem because when they grow their seeds, they have a proven method they use time after time. You have to find your own proven method…does this make sense to you.

I know I’ve watered too much in the past, but I didn’t understand why it was SUCH a problem. Perhaps I can stay my hand now. Thanks!

Pencil. Will last much longer. This saved me a few years back. So simple.