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cannabis seeds shop in berlin

Millions of Americans suffer from insomnia every year. They experience difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, perhaps due to stress, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, or other issues. Marijuana is well known for its ability to fight insomnia by helping users get good, deep, restful sleep. Some of our favorite strains of weed seeds to help you fall asleep and stay asleep are

When we say “sweet dreams,” we mean it. Prepare for a long night of rest and relaxation while the air fills with the sweet smell of cotton candy. Good luck staying awake an hour after smoking.

At this time, both medical and recreational marijuana are prohibited in New Berlin. Marijuana is currently considered a schedule 1 drug by the state of WIsconsin, making it illegal to possess, consume, or grow marijuana plants. However, you may purchase and own ungerminated marijuana seeds, as they are considered novelty gifts. Pacific Seed Bank stocks more than 100 strains of ungerminated marijuana seeds for you to choose from. Buying online is simple using our secure network, and we’ll deliver your seeds right to your door with our fast and discreet delivery options!

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

You can expect a case of the giggles, endless laughter, and strong cerebral euphoria with this indica-dominant hybrid. Everything about this strain screams happiness, joy, and good times.

Plushberry is a 80% indica-dominant hybrid that offers deep relaxation of the mind and body, as well as an aroused feeling that may boost intimacy.

You’ve probably heard the term “hydroponic growing” before, but you may be unsure of what hydroponics actually are. This method of growing plants is extremely popular with greenhouse gardeners; tomatoes are probably the most popular hydroponics crop. Hydroponic growing is a method in which the plants are grown directly in water, without any soil. Many growers prefer this method because it allows them more control over the plants’ intake of nutrients, and reduces the risk of insects or bacteria present in the soil. Hydroponic growing can be expensive to set up and maintain, but plants grown with this method tend to grow more quickly and usually have a higher yield than those grown in soil.

These cannabis strains provide the user with a sense of relaxation, helping you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Marijuana is a natural sedative, and safer to use than many prescription sleep aids, which may have adverse effects. For more information on medicinal marijuana and its uses, check out our blog!

Barney’s Farm actively campaign for the legalisation of Cannabis around the world, so we are always happy to be involved in big events such as Hanfparade.

Hanfparade is a march and a movement to push ideas on how the legalisation of Cannabis can be done. We fight for the human right to use Cannabis as resource, medicine and recreational drug.

The Hanfparade is a German pro-cannabis march, right in the centre of Berlin. This event takes place every August, and it's back again for 2019!

Exclusive access for adults only

There were 10,000 to 13,000 participants from all over Germany and the world to the Hanfparade in last year. We want to top it this year so: tell your friends, bring your friends!