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cannabis seeds san fernando valley

This strain came all the way from San Fernando Valley (hence SFV) and was first bred by the infamous Cali Connection. SFV OG has some prestigious history, being a cross between an OG Kush phenotype with Afghani #1. The result is a sativa-dominant hybrid with high THC content (about 20%).

SFV OG is quite a smelly strain, emitting a characteristic skunk odor during flowering. Its earthy and yet dense piney/citrus taste that can be harsh if smoked, so vaping is a better option for a smoother experience.

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San Fernando Valley OG Genetics

The effects of this hybrid are a nice combo of sativa and indica, with a hazy head-high that dissolves into a pain-relieving sensation. Although this is a great daytime strain, it is not recommended for productivity sessions, as the indica after-effect can induce major laziness. Save it for the weekend.

Ongoing research has suggested that high THC and low CBD strains may have potential benefits including relieving symptoms of Glaucoma. Although thought to be more effective when working together with CBD, THC is also understood to have some pain-relieving properties on its own. Considering this, this high THC strain may also provide some relief from general aches and pains.

SFV OG by Guru Seeds is a hybrid with a slight sativa edge. The plant tends to grow quite tall and requires a lot of nutrients. Therefore it is more suited to experienced growers. SFV OG is famous for combining pain-alleviating properties, with a pleasant head-high.

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After the first puff, an immediate rush to the brain and a fuzzy warm sensation in the forehead quickly sets in. Pleasant waves of euphoria and muscle relaxation migrate through the body creating a comfortable and dreamy feeling. The first stage of the high brings a creative and engaging mindset. Then as the high develops, couch-lock and slow-moving thoughts take over. In high doses, SFV OG Kush will gently rock users into a deep, peaceful sleep. SFV OG strain is generally best suited for nighttime use rather than during morning or the daytime. Medical cannabis patients often choose SFV OG Kush for its ability to quell chronic and temporary pain associated with fibromyalgia and lupus.

SFV OG Strain stands out with large to medium-sized buds that cling together in the typical indica formation. The buds are spherical, with small leaves curling inward toward their central stems. Leaves turn a dark shade of forest green and are loaded with bright orange and red hairs. SFV OG Kush often displays light shades of blue and lavender in its leaves when exposed to cooler temperatures. An icy white blanket of resin covers the inner and outer surfaces of the flowers making it extremely sticky to the touch.

Caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool are the primary terpenes found in SFV OG Kush. Other terpenes detected are humulene, myrcene, bisabolol, and beta-pinene. The powerhouse mix of these terpenes helps to make SFV OG Kush a very useful strain for medical consumption.


San Fernando Valley OG Kush has THC levels in the range of 21-25%. With a CBD content of .68% and a CBG of .73%, this strain has a nice balance of calming and pain-relieving effects. SFV OG Kush has great medical benefits, especially for treating arthritis, migraines, anxiety, depression, and stress.

SFV OG Kush is known as one of the tastiest and most potent members of the Kush family. SFV OG Strain has an enticing aroma of sweet skunky citrus fruits. Hints of earthy pine needles surface when the nugs are broken apart and burned.

SFV OG Kush was originally a clone-only strain that appeared in California’s San Fernando Valley. The Cali Connection growers created this epic strain by crossing an already well known OG Kush mother with an Afghani #1 male. The resulting strain quickly became popular in the Los Angeles medical cannabis scene for its extreme potency and tremendous taste. SFV OG Kush is an indica dominant hybrid that quickly became one of the most acclaimed and sought after strains in the Kush family line.

This strain has an enticing aroma of sweet skunky citrus fruits. Hints of earthy pine needles surface when the nugs are broken apart and burned. The taste is of a tropical lemony pine cleaner with a fruity and earthy finish that builds upon exhale. You can observe a strong sugary and candy-like quality when smoking the resinous buds. SFV OG Kush is one of the tastiest and most potent members of the Kush family.

There is a large part of sativa in here but the plant grows like a hybrid indica and has an indica effect when you smoke it.

It has been out of sight for some time now but we think it’s still one of the most exclusive flavours in the world.

With growing this strain you can have 3 colors in it.

San Fernando Valley x Purps Cannabis Seeds from Growers Choice

The light purple one, the light pink one and the white one.

SFV Purps is 2 legends combined into one plant.

We have had the purps since the beginning seeing we where part of the creation of this strain.

Together with the heavy sweet San Fernando valley it makes a super tasty strain that you won’t forget any time soon.