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cannabis seeds review has 47 quality strain varieties to choose from.

If you are worried about’s lack of verification, but love that they offer worldwide shipping and top-notch cannabis strains, try MSNL.

Seed Selection

Their main claim to fame is how affordable their seeds are since they sell their seeds at wholesale prices, and they provide you double the seeds for the cost of 6.

Keeping their low germination rate in mind makes their low prices and the inclusion of “6 free seeds” seem a lot less impressive.

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the best things about is how low their prices are. The cheapness of their seeds makes them worth taking the risk of receiving no seeds, crushed seeds, or lackluster seeds for many buyers. .

👎late or no delivery of seeds

Payment methods include secure debit card and credit card processing, check or postal money order, cash in mail, bank deposit/wire transfer, and the preferred option—Bitcoin.

👍deliver seeds on time

What’s the best way to pay?

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) by Robert Bergman is a popular online marijuana seed bank that offers their own strain varieties for sale, totaling 120 fem and auto seed packs. A great resource for beginner growers, the website contains more than 500 growing articles and 200 grow guides. ILGM seeds are a bit pricey; however, guaranteed to germinate. Delivery is also guaranteed—seeds are shipped daily to all U.S. states and arrive fast, within 2–10 days. Credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and cash payments are accepted or pay by Bitcoin for a 10% discount. The 1,700+ ILGM reviews on kiyoh make a 9.4/10 total score, with 97% of customers recommending the seed bank. Shipping is 100% free to the U.S. on all orders.

👎will not reply to inquiries

👍sell authentic seed varieties from breeders

Additional links & resources – Seedsman

MSNL Seedbank also offers tons of freebies allowing you to save money in the long run and make it a good choice to bulk. Just like with other seed banks on this list, they have a wide range of strains available, sadly the lack of a germination guarantee is disheartening. However, they do have a guaranteed delivery system to make up for it. For some extra cash, their guaranteed stealth shipping will ensure you get your package without problems.

Special offer: Use coupon “Healthcanal” for 15-30% off

3. Crop King Seeds – Best Global Shipping

If you’re into Bitcoin and have made a decent amount in your crypto wallet, then you might be interested in using Seed Supreme. It’s one of the best seed banks that ship anywhere globally, especially for people who use cryptocurrency.

To help you with your search, we compiled a list of 10 notable seed banks complete with everything you need to know about the product from its pros and cons, to the various discounts and features that make them stand out from the rest.

Aside from this, they have a fairly reliable customer support team as well that can help solve your issues with their purchase. Although we wish they have more promos to give their customers since their prices aren’t really that cheap, to begin with.