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However, here are a few weed varieties we recommend if you want to make the most of Oregon’s spectacular climate and nourishing soil:

Capable of thriving in most weather conditions, Blue Dream has become a popular choice for weed growers all over the world. A perfect balance of the Blueberry and Haze # 1 strains, it was developed in California with the intention of creating a weed variety which would be both easy to maintain and a joy to smoke.

How do you buy marijuana seeds in Oregon?

Happily, growing weed is also legal in Oregon, although as you would expect there are a few conditions attached. You’ll need to be aged 21 or over, and will be limited to four plants per household unless you want to apply for a license to operate a commercial growing enterprise. Strictly speaking it’s best to keep personal crops indoors, as the law requires that they are kept away from public view.

Indeed it is. Measure 91 granted full legalization for both medicinal and recreational use of cannabis, so you are free to buy as many cannabis seeds as you like. You’ll find plenty of cannabis dispensaries to buy seeds from locally, although if you want the widest possible variety of choice you’ll probably want to look online.

Flowering times are between 8 and 9 weeks, meaning that it is possible to harvest indoor crops within 12 to 16 weeks from planting. Yields compare favourably with other weed varieties, especially when you consider that plant heights are usually somewhat modest at between 90cm and 1.6 meters. Indoor crops should produce around 425 to 475 grams per m2 with the aid of basic growing techniques, while outdoor yields are around 475 to 550 grams per m2.

Can my landlord prohibit marijuana in my own apartment, house, or condo?

Recreational marijuana consumers 21 years of age and older may possess up to four (4) plants per residence.

Oregon’s sun and soil are ideal for cannabis cultivation. The state’s weed farmers harvest so much marijuana that Oregon legislators are actively advocating to allow growers to export to other legal states.

Oregon marijuana growing laws

Two years later, however, those same voters approved Measure 91, recreational cannabis legalization, by a margin of 56% to 44%. The positive examples of Colorado and Washington, where adult-use stores opened earlier in 2014, convinced many Oregon voters that legalization’s time had come.

Is Oregon recreational?

Oregon uses Drug Recognition Experts (DREs) to evaluate whether a given driver is under the influence. According to the Drug Symptom Matrix relied upon by DREs, “general indicators” of cannabis use include:

Patients may apply via the Oregon Health Authority’s online OMMP portal. If you think you might be a candidate for medical marijuana, start the process early because it involves a doctor visit and paperwork processing time.

W e thank you for your interest in our elite genetics and the marijuana seeds we offer. We are not pollen shuckers. We do our marijuana breeding projects the right way. None of our strains are released until they are ready. What do we mean by ready? First of all of our marijuana breeding projects are started with a goal in mind. Many times our goals are guided by seeing the need to improve genetics that are currently available. Our breeding efforts are guided by our desire to develop a marijuana plant that expresses traits that define what we desire in a plant. Structure – Yield – Potency – Flavor – Frost and of coarse the terps!

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Similar to laws in other recreational states, under measure 91, it is strictly illegal to transport marijuana across state lines, even if both states allow recreational marijuana. However, there are several allowances for transporting marijuana within the state.

Counties and Cities Banning Recreational Marijuana Sales

In terms of reciprocity, Oregon doesn’t recognize out-of-state medical marijuana cards by law. However, a recent court of appeals decision may have overturned that, but it remains unclear. For those trying to use their Oregon medical marijuana cards out of state, only the following states will recognize the card:

Smoking marijuana in public in Oregon is illegal, even if you’re smoking with an often-discreet vape pen. As a result, you can only consume at home or on private property. This means no bars, community parks, public outdoor smoking areas, on buses and airplanes, or federal land. Getting busted smoking weed in public could result in negative legal ramifications including fines and even jail time.

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