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Hey all! I'm fairly new to reddit and brand new to /Canadients but it seems I've found the right place for this post.

I am hoping there are other growers here that would be interesting in doing a genetics or seed swap. I would prefer to send fresh, rooted cuttings in the mail and receive them back the same way. I have the perfect containers for shipping clones!

I am huge on genetics, as such I regularly maintain over 40 different strains in my licensed cannabis garden in SW Ontario. I also have a very large inventory of seed that has been collected over the last 10-15 years mostly in Canada and the USA.

This post is about exercising our newly granted right to legally gift cannabis seeds and clones to other growers!

If anyone is interested please let me know and I will send you a list of the genetics I currently have in live plant form.

Asking the tough questions

Found this yesterday – kinda miffed there’s no shops opening nearby

Now that marijuana is officially legal where can I buy good quality seeds?

check out

ordered their mixed 20 pack. shipped quick. Regular mixed strains, 20 seeds = $40, can't beat that. Trust me, I looked lol.

Found this today. It looks like each province has different rules, but you can order

Not a huge selection and they only have feminized but the price isn't as crazy as I thought. Ten seeds for $65 is about $6.5 a seed for feminized. Might give them a try.